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The best dog-friendly plants and flowers

Posted by Amazing Graze Flowers on

The best dog-friendly plants and flowers - Amazing Graze Flowers

Are you on the hunt for a new plant to add to your collection or a fresh bunch of blooms to brighten up your space? It goes without saying that indoor plants and flowers should never compromise the health and safety of your pet – it’s imperative that pet owners do their research before bringing any new plants into the home, as they may be toxic to your dog. We have compiled a list of dog-safe plants and flowers so you don’t have to worry about your pup.

Certain succulent plants


There are a large number of beautiful, dog-friendly succulents, including haworthia, echeveria, holiday cacti, burro’s-tail and more. Succulents are a widely popular choice for the novice plant owner because of their low maintenance nature; all they require is direct sunlight and a light watering every couple of weeks.


Adding a bit of cheer to your apartment is easy with sunflowers. They’re non-toxic to dogs
though they may cause a stomach ache if your dog decides to chow down on them! These gorgeous flowers are easy to grow from seeds or make a great gift for a loved one who owns a dog.


Roses are a timeless, beautiful flower but did you know that they can actually be good for you and your dog? Not only are they non-toxic, but they produce a fruit called rosehip, which is used as an ingredient in a range of pet products from supplements to shampoos. It’s known to improve hip and joint mobility, nourish their coat and soothe irritated skin. Bear in mind that rose thorns will be painful if your dog gets ahold of your bunch of roses; display the flowers somewhere out of reach or, if you want to be extra cautious, you can pluck the thorns off the stems.


Snapdragons are a common addition to flower arrangements, adding a bright, beautiful touch to a bunch; they can also be planted and grown in your yard from seed. They’re totally safe for dogs and come in a wide variety of different colours. Many naturopaths love snapdragons for their anti-inflammatory properties these flowers are often dried and used in various natural medicines.


Growing herbs at home is a convenient, eco-friendly way to save some money and cut down on annoying trips to the supermarket. Plants like thyme, rosemary, basil and peppermint are popular choices as they are delicious, easy to grow and completely pet-friendly. In fact, pet experts say that dogs love the smell of basil when it’s cooking!

Plants and flowers to avoid

Flowers such as daffodils, rhododendrons, lilies, tulips, and amaryllis as well as plants like the sago palm, philodendrons, dieffenbachia, and Japanese yews can be extremely toxic even fatal for dogs. Avoid keeping them in the house at all costs. If your pup ingests any of these, we advise you to seek immediate care.

Before you jump into a new plant or flower purchase, a little bit of research could save your pet from experiencing negative reactions and ensure you can both enjoy the health and wellbeing benefits that flowers and plants can provide. For same-day plant and flower delivery, order from Amazing Graze now.

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