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Blooms in Season that Drive Your Winter Blue Away

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Blooms in Season that Drive Your Winter Blue Away - Amazing Graze Flowers

With rainfall and winds agitating trees and buildings, you might have noticed that weeks ago winter started to silently creep into Melbourne. And as we approach June, it’s now finally official that winter is here. Your typical winter day normally begins with a gloomy morning, sometimes the sun will come out and make a brief appearance, but chances are that the clouds will claim their dominance back not long after. Since we can’t lock the sunlight in, keeping some fresh blooms that are in season is always a good way to add in some aromatherapy to cure your winter blue. Keep reading to see 5 of our favourite flowers that thrive and last long in wintertime.



Chrysanthemums, simply called mums, were historically first cultivated in China as a kind of flowering herb. Owning a significant history and over 20,000 cultivars across continents, the Chrysanthemum culture flourished along the journey. This also enriched the multiple symbols and meanings they carry. In most Asian countries they signify love, life and rebirth, whereas, in the west, they express sympathy, respect and honour. In Australia, Chrysanthemums are a staple for Mother’s Day gifting as its name earns the distinction.



Being a popular plant for its outstanding bilateral symmetric blooms with upward-facing petals, Orchids are undeniably one of the largest of all plant families - there are more than 28,000 individual species of Orchids around the globe. While the range of native Orchids is countless, the common home Orchids are mostly tropical ones grown by home gardeners. Among all the most loved varieties is the Singapore Orchid. This certain type of Orchid gives out a unique variety of colours not seen in others. Thanks to the differently shaped petals, Singapore Orchids contrast the bouquets they’re used in and even rest elegantly just by themselves in a vase lightening up your home ambience. 



Another bloom that thrives perfectly under our tropical weather in Australia is Carnations. They are the ideal candidates that florists love to include in their winter arrangements because the variety of colours offers a vast array of meaning and symbolism. For example, pink Carnations symbolise motherly love. And are used to express gratitude. Red Carnations, just like red roses, come as no surprise that stands for love, admiration, and affection. White Carnations, on the other hand, have connotations of friendship, good luck, and pure love. 



Lilies, their light, sweet scent make the lily flower a delight for all the senses. The history of Lily can date back to the 16th century in Crete. Written in ancient Greek mythology, the Lily is the flower created from the breast milk of Hera, the goddess of fertility and protector of women. Most lilies bloom from June to July while in August you start to see the bulbs of Oriental Lily start to blossom. They tend to have larger flowers and a stronger fragrance that is sure to impress everyone. 



Originally from the eastern Mediterranean, they now are a favourite to Australian gardeners after being widely naturalized. You could find the name derived from a Greek myth where Hyacinthus was a young prince loved by the sun god Apollo. Imagine on a cold gloomy winter day, smelling the sweet pervasive fragrance and adoring the vibrant colours is the thing you’d love to do to get refreshed from the winter dullness. Because of their compact growing habit, Hyacinth lasts for a long time and is ideal for growing in pots or even in vases. 


All these aromatic and absolutely beautiful blooms blend well with others in almost any kind of flower arrangement. Whether it is for a birthday, wedding or just as a reminder of your love for your special ones, or even for yourself. 

At Amazing Graze Flowers, we are determined to help deliver your love message through the beauty of premium flower arrangements. This newly launched bouquet, June Baby is carefully designed and arranged by our florists with a selection of winter flowers that can uplift your mood and last long.


Other arrangements that include in-season flowers are Mother’s Love, Dove Arrangement, Sweet Strawberry Native Bouquet and Sunshine Bouquet. They are without a doubt your next choice to bring vibrant colour and light to any place. Or if you want to be surprised, Trust Us is the one that never fails your expectation. Don’t miss out on our same-day delivery! Chat with one of our expert team members for help finding the perfect plants or flowers for your needs.

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