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Iconic Easter Florals and What They Represent

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Iconic Easter Florals and What They Represent - Amazing Graze Flowers

Easter is a meaningful time representing new growth and fresh beginnings – including beautiful blooms. In Australia, Easter is all about families. Flowers are a beautiful way to decorate for the holiday or let loved ones know that you’re thinking of them. There is a selection of different flower varieties that are iconic to this holiday – find out what they are and what they signify, then order yours from Amazing Graze for same-day flower delivery this Easter period. 


Tulips are heavily associated with Easter and are widely known to signify perfect love – their unique, bell-shaped blossom also bears a heavy resemblance to an Easter egg. Different colours of tulips represent different feelings: red signifies true love, yellow represents happiness and cheerfulness, white sends a message of forgiveness or a clean slate, and purple symbolises royalty. 



Daisies are a gorgeous, delicate symbol of purity, innocence and gentility. Their wildflower-esque appearance gives them a beautiful, whimsical feel. Daisies commonly bloom in shades of white and yellow, both colours reminiscent of the Easter period. They are beautiful on their own but can also be the perfect complement to other blooms in a big bouquet. 



Daffodils are a bright, beautiful reminder of new beginnings and rebirth, similar to other floral bulbs. In England, they are often referred to as ‘Lent lilies’ because they have long been strongly associated with Lent. Gifting daffodils to a loved one is thought to show them that they are the only one for you; superstition says a gift of daffodils will ensure your happiness together.



Rhododendrons are native to sunny areas, which means they are abundant in Australia. They are a common symbol of beauty, optimism and energy. Like tulips, different rhododendron colours mean different things. Red is associated with passion and sensuality, pink shows sympathy or is intended to bring calm to the recipient, and yellow evokes positivity and happiness. They are commonly found in wedding bouquets and can be the perfect addition to a bright, cheerful bouquet.

Easter Lilies


Although known as Christmas lilies here in Australia, most parts of the world refer to these beautiful blooms as Easter lilies. Apart from smelling glorious, lilies are a strong symbol of purity and resurrection. They are often given as a gift of gratitude or associated with motherhood. Lilies are one of the most popular flowers to gift at Easter; they are beautiful on their own as well as in a bouquet with other varieties.


Let a loved one know you’re thinking of them this Easter, or get a jump start on your Easter decorating with help from Amazing Graze. Take advantage of our same-day delivery every day apart from public holidays – or chat with one of our expert team members for help finding the perfect plants or flowers for your needs.

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