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The best cat-friendly plants and flowers

Posted by Amazing Graze Flowers on

The best cat-friendly plants and flowers - Amazing Graze Flowers

Flowers and indoor plants are a great way to decorate your home and boost your mental health and wellbeing. For cat owners, choosing the right kinds of plants and flowers is crucial. Cats are known to eat houseplants and flowers for a number of reasons: to calm an upset stomach, process hairballs or relieve stress and anxiety. As cats love to jump and climb, it can be difficult to keep a poisonous or irritating plant away from your pet; it’s best to simply choose non-toxic plants for your home here are our favourite cat-friendly plants and flowers.  


The orchid is a widely loved houseplant. Its flower is stunning and the plant comes in a variety of colours to suit your taste plus, the orchid is non-toxic to cats. Of course, your curious kitty might still want to take a nibble out of it; to avoid a half-eaten orchid, sprinkle some cinnamon or cayenne on the leaves. This won’t harm the orchid, but your cat will be repelled by the taste and the smell of the spices.

Calathea Zebra

If you are looking for a plant that’s good for both you and your cat, look no further than the Calathea Zebra. This cat-friendly indoor plant has a stunning, striped design on its leaves and is known for its air-purifying qualities. The Calathea will foster a healthy indoor climate for you and your furry friend.

Chinese money plant


The Chinese money plant also referred to as the pancake plant is beautiful, easy to grow and completely cat-friendly. They’re a great indoor plant for beginners as they are low maintenance and don’t require direct sunlight, making them ideal for apartments or offices. Chinese money plants are often given as housewarming gifts because they were originally thought to bring wealth and good luck to their owners – if you’re looking for a gift for a cat parent, these are the way to go.

Venus fly trap

An extremely interesting plant to behold, the Venus fly trap is totally safe for your cat. Even if your pet does attempt a small nibble which is unlikely – the fly trap won’t cause any harm whatsoever. This plant is a great addition to a terrarium garden and makes a fantastic conversation piece. All it needs in order to thrive is bright light and distilled water.


Plants and flowers to avoid

Certain flowers and plants must be avoided if there is a cat in the house. These include hydrangea, lilies, tulips, aloe vera, morning glory and certain varieties of succulent plants. If your cat ingests any of these plants or flowers, we advise you to seek out immediate care.


There is a range of plants and flowers that are suitable for cat-loving households; simply do your research before purchasing a new plant or flower to make sure your kitty is as safe as possible. Take advantage of our same-day plant and flower delivery and order now.

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