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Flowers that bloom in October

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Flowers that bloom in October - Amazing Graze Flowers

Spring, isn’t it the best time of the year? Sun rises earlier, days get warmer, fresh green leaves sprout out of bald branches, and wildflowers greet you everywhere you travel… Breezing into October, Australia’s Spring blooms in all forms. Under a much more pleasant and welcoming climate, various flowers add splashes of vivid colour to the country’s beauty. Here we want to share with you some of our favourite flowers in season.

Cherry Blossom

Photo Credit:s Michael Wee

Starting from September, when we pace through the streets our eyes can’t stop but capture the very uplifting sign of Spring - the cherry blossom trees start to bloom! However, it’s not until we step into October that we find ourselves lost in the abundance of their great blooms and their signature fragrance. If you are a huge admirer of these beautiful blooms, you’re in luck. Because cherry blossom trees thrive in a colder climate and the mountainous area of Australia, among which states like Victoria, Adelaide and New South Wales have the privilege. However, these glorious blooms only showcase their charm for a brief moment, normally a few weeks. That means this coming weekend plan is sorted: pack your bag and go on a road trip to devour the stunning visual feast before they fall.

Matricaria Buttons

Photo Credit: Aika Wang

Coming out from one of the most vigorous plants, Matricaria, also commonly known as “button”, is the most adorable flower we find in spring. Some call them mayweed, while others call them feverfew. Hailing from the Chrysanthemum Family, these daisy-like button flowers come in different varieties. The most popular types that we can see in local florists are the Matricaria snowball (on the left of the picture) and Matricaria sunny ball (on the right). As a perennial plant, sunlight does play a huge part in the bringing of these delightful flowers. They make a perfect bunch that conjures up a springtime picnic moment that’s sunshine filled. In a flower arrangement, these bright and cheery buttons add up immediate colour, volume and unique texture to a bouquet as florists’ favoured filler flowers. Moreover, these pom pom-shaped flowers come with lacy and fragrant foliage and they have a long vase life.


stock flowers

Photo Credit: Jayme Burrows

Stocks, or Matthiola incana, is another staple spring flowering annual in our cottage gardens. Thanks to their columns of overpowering scented flowers, stocks always ensure to make their comeback magnificent with garden beds displayed in brilliant shades of white, burgundy, lavender, pink and yellow… Possessing attractive blossoms and strong fragrances, the stock flower actually has deep symbolism in the flower language. On different occasions and depending on the recipient of the gift, these charismatic charmers carry several meanings. The most popular scenarios would be to symbolize commitment, the longevity of beauty, passionate love and sedated feelings of joy. This is the reason why stock flowers are often seen in wedding flower arrangements. However, they are also your go-to flowers to gift in literally any situation, as it doesn't have any negative connotations.


​​waratah flowers

Photo Credit: Tim J Keegan

Let’s now shift the spotlight to native flowers. One of Australia’s emblems, Waratah, deserves the crown as the most-loved native flower in spring. Popping out in bulbous flowerhead, this crimson iconic flower has surely adorned and enriched the Australian culture in so many different ways. Waratah, the name of this spectacular native flower comes from the Eora Aboriginal language and signifies “beautiful” and “seen from afar”. As the meaning suggests, who wouldn't be enchanted by its showy and vivid flower? This sun-blessed beauty now comes in multiple pieces and produces striking blooms in springtime, with October being the climax when they fill up the space of our flower markets. Although the waratah flower is sure to impress any receiver just on its own, in a flower arrangement it also awakens the wow moment when brought together with other fresh cut flowers and foliages.


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