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5 Seasonal Flowers Available in November in Australia

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5 Seasonal Flowers Available in November in Australia - Amazing Graze Flowers

Spring has sprung and summer is quickly approaching! In Australia, November is frequently thought of as the month of weddings. In addition to having milder weather, the most romantic flower varieties, including roses and peonies, are all in bloom in November, which contributes to their appeal. Here is a sneak preview of the upcoming floral fashions for November's various occasions.


Chrysanthemum blooms are affectionately referred to as "Mums" (that’s why they are also the official flowers for Mother’s Day in Australia) and are among the most widely grown flowers in the world. First cultivated in China in the 15th century, chrysanthemums are thought to bring good luck, joy, and happiness to the home. These flowers bloom pretty much throughout the year! However, they are also well-known as the birth flower for November. They have so many distinct varieties, from "big mama" disbud chrysanthemums to spray chrysanthemums that look similar to daisies. These colourful Chrysanthemums have charmed the world with their captivating petals. They are available in a wide range of hues, from a deep red to a brilliant blueish purple, so no matter the colour preference of a baby born in November, there is a chrysanthemum for them.


a bunch of peonies

Peony madness is required in the springtime! There is no doubt that these blooms are the most adorable flowers among everyone in the world. Peonies have a super short season! They're only in bloom for about two months. In Australia, this is generally from late October until mid-December. These blooms produce stunning double flowers in shades of pink and red, ranging from pale blush tones to deep crimson. With more than a millennium of history, it's not surprising that the peony has a symbolic meaning. Peonies symbolise romance, compassion, prosperity, good fortune, and happy marriage, making the blooms one of the most popular flowers used in many floral arrangements.

Calla Lily 

Calla lilies are exquisite, tall-stemmed flowers that are adored for their stylish, colourful trumpet-shaped blossoms and gorgeous, upright foliage. Zantedeschia plants create attractive specimens whether mass-planted in cutting gardens, foundations, or island beds because of their elegant excellent looks. Depending on geographic location and variety, calla lilies make excellent long-lasting cut flowers and have a great flowering period of three to eight weeks in the garden from late Spring through Summer. In floral symbolism, calla lilies have multiple meanings based on the flowers, like white calla lilies are said to be a good luck charm for wedded bliss, and purple represents royalty, loyalty, wisdom and admiration…

November Lily 

Different regions of the world have different popular names for November lilies. They are also known as white trumpet lilies, Christmas lilies, Easter lilies, and other names. The plant's scientific name is Lilium longiflorum, and it is indigenous to Taiwan and Southern Japan, where it grows in meadows and forests. The November lily reaches a height of around 1 m (3 ft). It thrives in pots and blooms in late spring to early summer (i.e., November to December). Consider planting cutting-grown murrayas or gardenias if you want white-flowered, fragrant, shrubby plants.  


A perennial herb, Liatris spicata is often referred to as Blazing Star or Gayfeather. It is a member of the Asteraceae family and was first discovered on the grasslands of eastern North America. The feather-duster-shaped, cylindrical clusters of mauve, pink, or white flowers on Liatris tufted spikes of finely divided foliage unfold from the top down. These lengthy flowers allow one to stray from the conventional spherical bouquet. They have upward-facing stems that give any bridal bouquet a heightened or draped appearance. This flower stands out due to its vibrant purple hue and potent perfume.

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