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Fresh flowers that represent December in Australia

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Fresh flowers that represent December in Australia - Amazing Graze Flowers

HOLY!!! We are in December now. As spring comes to an end here in the Southern Hemisphere and the year begins to wind down, we finally moved into the warm and sunny Summer. In Australia, December is a busy time of year with more overseas visitors coming to experience Australia's renowned hot weather throughout the school breaks. More importantly, it’s the festive season when most people will need to choose some for a birthday or even an early Christmas gift. Therefore, why not come with us to explore the flowers in December in Australia? We know everybody enjoys learning about flowers!


Holly is the flower for December in keeping with the holiday season. This shrub has stood out throughout history due to its glossy green foliage, vivid crimson berries, and purported supernatural properties. Although certain birds and animals like the berries, they are toxic to humans. In a religious sense, Christians believed that holly was symbolic of the sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross. Therefore, over the past thousands of years, it has grown to be an enormous element of Christmas customs. You may have seen it a lot on the Christmas Wreath that hangs on your neighbour’s doors. Moreover, Holly also has a symbolic meaning of good luck, happiness, and optimism. Oh, there’s one fun fact. If you know any girl called “Holly”, she most likely is a December born since Holly is one of the most popular first names for girls born in December.


Same as holly, narcissus is the other birth flower for all December babies. Although there are many different varieties of narcissus flowers, including the well-known daffodils and jonquils (which are the March birth flowers), we're especially referring to the paperwhite here. Paperwhites get their name from their fragrant flower bulbs with all-white, paper-thin petals. When assembled in a bouquet, the lovely shades of white and cream appear far too idyllic. That’s why paperwhites are a popular ingredient for wedding flowers. Greek mythology is where the name "Narcissus" originally originates. According to mythology, the God Narcissus fell in love with his own reflection and the first narcissus flowers began to blossom around the pond where he drowned. Symbolically, the narcissus paperwhite represents fervour and hope. Sending someone you care about a bouquet of paperwhites is a way to tell them you adore them for who they are and that you wish they would never change. 

Pincushion Protea (Leucospermum cordifolium)


Even though it’s native to South Africa, the nodding pincushion flowers are almost everywhere in Australia during December. It is a rounded, spreading and evergreening shrub that becomes smothered in a profusion of large pincushion flowers varying from soft pinkish yellow through brilliant orange to red. As a popular plant at home in garden beds or on display in pots and containers, pincushions are also widely used in native bouquets by most florists in Australia since their large heads make them a perfect focal point in arrangements. Although there is no common meaning for this flower, some people regard it as a symbol of diversity and courage.

Christmas Lilies:

Christmas lilies are beautiful and simple. They have been adored for many years, and their popularity is only increasing. That might be why they have so many names during different seasons, such as November Lilies and Easter Lilies. There's always one right name for the lilies to be in the bouquet for your loved ones who are obsessed with these beautiful white trumpets with exquisite fragrance. Besides, they also work well as an accent in pots or summer gardens as flowering plants


Peonies are harvested from late October to mid-December in Australia. Even though we talked about peonies in November, we have to bring it back to the discussion, because peonies are too popular to be ignored. As long as peonies get back into the stage, the highlight will follow. Who can say “No” to such stunning flowers? If you haven’t sent one bunch of peonies to your loved ones, you’d better hurry up. It’s out of season soon.


Amazing Graze Flowers can assist by sending the greatest flowers of the season to your residence or place of work. Our December Baby, a skilfully constructed flower arrangement fashioned with in-season blooms, was just made public. Don't wait any longer; now is the ideal time to dazzle your loved ones, friends, clients, and colleagues with this stunning bouquet.  

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