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Flowers in season in September

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Flowers in season in September - Amazing Graze Flowers

When it comes to September, we all can easily notice that spring is coming as flowers are blooming everywhere in Australia. After the chilly winter months, spring is when the natural world resuscitates and regenerates. Most of Australia's blossoms are at their greatest during this time of year. There is another fun fact about September it is the most common month for babies in Australia according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. So, no matter whether you are choosing a gift for September babies or planning a special day for someone, it will always be good to know what the most typical flowers in September are.


Aster Amellus 'Brilliant' a lilac pink herbaceous perennial summer autumn flower plant commonly known as Michaelmas daisy

(Image credit: TonyBaggett)

A lovely wildflower that resembles a daisy is aster. These flowers were considered sacred by Greek and Roman gods and are named after the Greek word for “star” by their star-shaped blossom heads. While today's Aster flower is well-liked and frequently grown in gardens, these flowers were once used to decorate the alters of the Ancient Greeks and Romans. When you see their shining colours, it is clear why these brilliant beauties are a symbol of wisdom, faith, valour and powerful love! Nowadays, the message "Take Care Of Yourself For Me" is implicit when you present a bouquet including this colourful blossom.


Freesias are renowned for their unadulterated hues, extended vase life, and delightful scent. The name of this super-sweet-smelling flower was given by a botanist after a German physician-botanist Friedrich Heinrich Theodor Freese to celebrate their friendship. And as a result, one of the primary meanings of freesias is pure friendship. Moreover, freesias also represent trust, innocence and thoughtfulness etc. Freesias are now primarily farmed in large quantities for the florist industry due to their enormous popularity as cut flowers. They are also employed in the production of scented oils, which are often found in several fragrances, soaps, shampoos, and lotions.

Morning Glory 

Flowers vining up on white picket fence at corner of yard of white frame house - Lush and green in springtime

(Image Credit: Susan Vineyard)

Another popular flower that blooms in September is Morning Glory. It gained the name as the blooms open early in the morning and close later in the day, therefore, Morning Glory, what an amazing name. This flower is a symbol of strength, giving a person the power to realise their hopes and dreams. However, due to its short blooming life, Morning Glory is barely used in our arrangements, but you can still enjoy its beauty by having a pot plant and exploring the natural environment in South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

Wattles and Wax flower

As we have already covered in August flowers, you might see wattles and wax flowers blooming everywhere during September as they are regarded as the pop of colours in the spring.


While nowadays a lot of flowers are available all year round, it would be special and amazing to send your loved one flowers that are in season like our September Baby. At Amazing Graze Flowers, we specialise in crafting arrangements to suit any occasion. We select our fresh flowers from premium growers around Australia, with all our blooms being chosen for their balance of beauty and longevity. Order online for flower delivery in Melbourne or get in touch with us to discuss bespoke wedding or special occasion flowers.

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