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To All My Girls, It’s Your Turn to Spoil Dad with Flowers

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To All My Girls, It’s Your Turn to Spoil Dad with Flowers - Amazing Graze Flowers

If you’re reading this, let me guess. You are a floral person who enjoys brightening up the mood of yourself and your loved ones with all kinds of delightful blooms. However, when it comes to giving flowers to men you always hesitate, doubting if flowers would be an ‘appropriate’ choice to go with. We feel you, as we share the same struggle. But let me assure you - it’s 2022, do spoil Dads with flowers! Whether they are your father, husband, brother, or best friend. 

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Flowers for men

Over the years, flowers are associated more with femininity due to their softness, colourful shades, and sweet scents. That’s why the idea of gifting flowers for Father’s Day often catches us off guard. When we look at the art scene, on the other hand, various artists earn respect from the public for their interpretations of flower arrangements and favoured gardens. To name a few, we see Water Lilies by Claude Monet, Irises, Roses and Sunflowers by Vincent van Gogh, Flowers in a Vase by Auguste Renoir, Birds and Flowers by Hiroshige, and many more still life and gardens masterpieces.

It is widely believed that art imitates life, and the Earth’s best blooms should be enjoyed by all, regardless of gender identity. Flowers shouldn’t be overlooked as a Father’s Day gift. Instead, you can rest assured that dads will appreciate this natural gift even if they are not the type to be blown away by a bouquet. Because you can easily customize the colour, texture and structure based on their personal preferences. What’s more, they go even better when paired with other well-thought items to make the special gift meaningful and emotional. 

Make your gift special and expressive

Ties, wallets, polo shirts, and gold packs… yes, these gift ideas are useful, but practicality is not the only thing that sparks fun and joy. How many ties and wallets do Dads really need? Gifting is not just about practicality, but the fact that we care enough. It makes the special moment emotional and sentimental.

We all know that flowers are Nature’s messengers. There are always symbols and meanings behind unspeakable beauty. Depending on the blooms and the colours they come in, messages vary. Whether it’s joy, love, gratitude, romance,  appreciation, respect or sympathy, a vast range of emotions and expressions are delivered along the arrival of the flowers.

To give you some ideas for this Father’s Day, Orchids are a good choice to tell Dad that you look up to him, as they symbolize deep respect; Sunflowers represent adoration, and the bright colour is sure to bring a smile to Dad’s face; orange Chrysanthemums are another favourite because they speak brimming, bubbly feelings of excitement, passion and enthusiasm. Being a perfect gift that represents your best hype man in the world, they also carry a wishing for good health and well-being.

It's time to change the way people give flowers as gifts

So where then is the discrepancy between what men desire and what we provide? According to an interview done by Charleston City Paper with Brenton Rueger, the answer appears to go much further than the actual gift itself. It isn't about the item. It is instead about men's ability to receive love and the difficulties that they face when giving it. A typical man expresses his love through acts of service by “being useful”. This subsequently leads to an imbalanced societal pressure for men, especially dads, that receiving love and being served relates to vulnerability.

As society becomes more gender-balanced, more men are gifted flowers by the women in their life. Long gone are the days of rigid gender stereotypes that confine people's identities. Everyone should be able to appreciate getting floral presents and the blessings behind them – Yes, even men.

How to pick the flowers that suit your favourite men

The beauty of nature makes a meaningful gift to demonstrate our deepest love for Dads. And the good news is, the world is treasured with countless types of flowers, each with its own distinctive blooms that cater to dads of all kinds. If you think a fresh-cut flower bunch is not to impress your practical Dad, a flowering plant or a succulent bowl is the one to make their day. For your hubby who loves a Sunday market run with you, surprise him with a flower bouquet that resembles your loving relationship. 

If you’re still not sure what to choose, we have a limited arrangement specially made for Father’s Day to accommodate. Carefully designed by our florists, Father’s Love is the perfect gift that has a floral touch on the rustic side - it holds a mix of Australian wildflowers and some long-lasting fresh flowers such as chrysanthemums, oranges roses, and snapdragons that adds up the masculinity of its look. This bouquet represents every fatherly figure's love, pure, joyful, strong and warm.

Father's Love Bouquet

Pair your choice of flowers with other items to give them extra love. If he’s a coffee snob, add a bag of freshly roasted coffee beans; if he has a sweet tooth, indulge him with some creamy chocolates; if he is just as creative as you are, a pair of fun socks keep him warm and stylish; if he’s keen for a little booze, get a range of cocktails for your next night in.

gift ranges

Now it’s your turn to spoil your men with some flowers this Father’s Day. And we love to be a part of your love language! Send Dad fresh flowers that are hand-picked, arranged, and delivered by Amazing Graze Flowers. More gift options are available. Order now to enjoy same-day delivery across Melbourne and Sydney.

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