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Who to Send Flowers on Mother’s Day

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Who to Send Flowers on Mother’s Day - Amazing Graze Flowers

 Whether you choose to pamper your mom with an afternoon tea at your favourite restaurant, go on a shopping spree or even take her to the spa, Mother’s Day wouldn’t be complete without a beautiful bouquet of flowers!

Nothing puts a smile on your mum’s face more than a carefully selected flower bouquet. But are you thinking of sending flowers to someone besides your mom this Mother’s Day? We’ve got you. This blog will guide you on whom you should send to on Mother’s Day. 

Flowers are still Mother’s Day Favourites

Flowers and Mother’s Day are like peanut butter and jam – they just work! Giving flowers, especially carnations, has been a tradition for Mother’s Day until now. 

It all started with Anna Jarvis who distributed carnations on the first Mother’s Day as a symbol of mom’s eternal love for her children to honour the sacrifices of mothers around the world.

This tradition of giving flowers on Mother’s Day continues and has grown more popular than ever, as flowers are more meaningful than words could ever describe.

Since every flower has its symbolism, you can put all the love you want to express into one bouquet, with her preferred colour and size. If you are not familiar with flower meanings, don’t worry, you can always choose TRUST US and our florists will arrange the bouquet to reflect your gift card message.

carnations for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day flowers for your wife?

YES, YES and YES! You SHOULD give her that bouquet my friend. Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion for you to appreciate your wife for all her sacrifices for your kids. If you’re a father, don’t forget that your wife is also a mother to your children!

Receiving flowers on Mother’s Day will make her feel appreciated and loved both as a wife and a mother. Moreover, it is a great example to show your kids how to treat your wife.

If you are wondering what flowers to pick specifically, the pink carnations bouquet is a great pick! It represents heartfelt gratitude to say “Thank you” and a mother's unconditional love for her children.


What about friends or relatives? 

Yes, seriously! You CAN also send your friends or relatives flowers on Mother’s Day to show your gratitude for taking care of you. Anyone can be a mother figure to someone.

If you are planning to give it to someone who is not a mother, you can write a note about why you are giving it to her. For example, she has been taking care of you, and you give her a bouquet of flowers on Mother’s Day as an appreciation for her mother’s love for you. This will surely be an unexpected surprise for them and put a smile on their face.

If you are planning to give to someone who is a mother, there is no need to think twice! Send her a bouquet of flowers as Mother’s Day is to honour individual mothers around the world. 

We recommend yellow roses as it is the symbol of friendship and caring which is perfect for someone who may not be your mother but cares for you just like a mother would. Check out our fresh yellow rose bouquet on our website.

Mother's Love Bouquet

Shop Online for Mother’s Day

If there is an easy way, why choose the hard one? Ordering online will save you time and money. You do not have to wait and queue for the flowers to be arranged anymore; the flowers are ready for you to pick them up!

Amazing Graze Flowers provides delivery services across Melbourne, Sydney, Geelong, and Mornington Peninsula for your mother, wife, or anyone who is like a mother to you and offer discounts for online orders to help you get the best deal! 

Do not wait until the last minute. Regardless of who you are sending the flowers to, receiving flowers on Mother’s Day will surely make their day special. 

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