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Amazing Flowers for Amazing Women this International Women's Day

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Amazing Flowers for Amazing Women this International Women's Day - Amazing Graze Flowers

International women’s day is almost here! March 8 marks a very special day, dedicated to every woman out there at Amazing Graze flowers. We are proud to be part of a company that supports women in all areas of our wonderful family!

Flowers have the power to bring celebration, joy and comfort to your loved ones, and international women’s day allows us to remind and celebrate the women in your life every day for their impact. to all the mum’s sisters, aunts, friends and grandmas. We love you.

Let’s dive into some of the flowers you might want to gift the women in your life, this international women’s day.

When you think about flowers you might want to give them to someone for international women’s day. The first thought is usually a Mimosa. Their yellow colour is often seen as a symbol of hope, positivity and solidarity with women across the world, they also act as reminders of the ongoing struggle for gender equality and women's rights.  The tradition of giving women mimosas on international women’s day originated in Italy but has since spread across the globe, it isn’t exactly known why it’s become a flower representing this day. However, it has been theorised that it has something to do with the bright yellow colour and delicate petals of the mimosa being seen as a representation of women's strength, resilience and beauty.

purple roses for International women's day

A rose might come to mind as a simple symbol of love, and when talking about your standard red rose you’d be right, however, the different colours of roses can mean different things for international women’s day. Let’s talk about the purple rose. Purple roses are most often associated with international women’s day as a symbol of women’s rights and gender equality, the colour purple on its own symbolises, courage, dignity, and strength, these, symbolise aspects of the women who have fought for the rights and equality of women across the world. In this context, purple roses represent commitment and symbolise the continued efforts to achieve gender equality. They also symbolise women's beauty, Grace and resilience and their important role in society.

sunflowers for international women's day

Sunflowers are renowned for their ability to turn their heads towards the sun, a symbol of growth and determination. Due to this characteristic, sunflowers are often used as a reminder that women are strong and capable of overcoming challenges and obstacles in their lives. Sunflowers are an important symbol for international women’s day because they represent the strength, resilience, help and determination that women possess as well as the importance of women in society. The yellow petals of the sunflower thought to represent the sun, a symbol of light and life, tie into the idea that women also can bring light and life to the world. 

tulips for international women's day

Now, even though international women’s day falls at the start of autumn here in Australia for our friends in the northern hemisphere, it is beginning to be springtime. And that means tulips! Just as tulips bloom during the spring and represent renewal along with the hope for a better future, international women’s day is a day to celebrate the social, political and economic achievement of women as well as reflect that women’s rights and equality should continue to grow and blossom, just as a tulip does. For many events all around the world. Tulips are often used in international women’s day celebrations as a show of support and appreciation for the movement. 

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