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The Perfect Words: What to Write in a Graduation Gift Card

Posted by Amazing Graze Flowers on

The Perfect Words: What to Write in a Graduation Gift Card - Amazing Graze Flowers

Graduations are a momentous achievement, and this calls for celebration! whether it’s a bouquet of flowers or just a simple card, the recent graduate in your life will surely appreciate the gesture. Here are some tips on what to write on your graduation card. 

Just say Congrats!

sometimes simplicity is best! A simple congratulatory message is often very well received. A thoughtful congratulatory message can go a long way; sometimes, all people need is to know that you care and you noticed. Here are some examples that might give some inspiration: 

“Congrats, you made it! I always knew you would do it. I’m happy for you!”

“I’m so proud of you! Congratulations on this massive achievement!”

“Congratulations! Your commitment to learning and personal growth is truly inspiring. May your diploma open doors to exciting opportunities and a fulfilling career.”

“Woo-hoo! You did it! Congrats on your graduation, buddy! Here's a little something to spoil yourself with. Enjoy the ride and embrace the awesome adventures that lie ahead!”

Unleash your inner comedian

Depending on whom you are going to send the card to, you may be able to be a little funny and playful in your gift card messages. keep in mind that everyone’s humour is different, so here are some suggestions for you! But, inside jokes you have with the person will make them laugh way harder.

“Welcome to unemployment, don’t grab a drink; it costs money.”

“Congratulations! You are now the 100,000th person in the queue for a job, which makes buying Taylor Swift tickets seem so easy now, huh?”

“Hard work: check! Diploma: check! Make some money: more checks!”

“Congrats on achieving minimum qualifications for jobs!”

“The tassel is worth the hassle! You did it!”

Be inspirational

Graduation is the sign of a start in their new chapter of life, show some encouragement, inspire them and let them know you are as excited for them as they are for themselves. Here are some examples that you might find helpful!

“You've proven that hard work and determination pay off. Keep hustlin' and chasing your dreams. The world is ready for your unique talents!”

“Graduation isn’t the end of a tough journey. It is the beginning of a beautiful one. Congrats!”

“Congrats on graduating! Remember, every great accomplishment starts with a small step. Keep pushing boundaries and reaching for the stars!”

“Congrats on graduating! Remember, success isn't measured by grades or degrees alone. It's about finding fulfilment, spreading kindness, and making a positive impact on the world.”

“Congrats, my friend! Graduation is a reminder that you have the power to shape your own destiny. Stay true to yourself, follow your heart, and carve a path that's uniquely yours.”

Be thoughtful and specific

It helps to be more thoughtful and specific in your message, whether it's something related to their personality or their degree, anything specific will surely make them feel cared for and loved. Here are some examples you might find useful!

“Congratulations, my future psychologist! Your empathy and understanding of the human mind is extraordinary. May your career be filled with meaningful connections, profound insights, and transformative healing for those in need.”

“Congratulations on your graduation, my artistic friend! May your creativity continue to blossom as you paint the world with your unique brushstrokes and inspire others through your incredible talent.”

“Congrats, my love, on your graduation! So proud of your hard work and dedication. Excited for the incredible future we'll create together!”

If all else fails, AI is your new best friend

Yes, use ChatGPT or other AI to generate a message! We now have the tools that can do all the hard work for us, so why not use them to their maximum capabilities? Here are some AI-generated messages that you might find helpful!

“Well done! Your perseverance and determination have paid off. Wishing you all the best as you embark on new adventures and chase your dreams.”

“As you graduate, remember that your education doesn't end here; it's only the beginning. Congratulations and best wishes for a future filled with learning, growth, and happiness.”

“Congratulations on graduating! You have proven that anything is possible with hard work and determination. Wishing you a bright and prosperous future ahead.”

“Your graduation is not only a recognition of your academic accomplishments but also a testament to your character and resilience. Congratulations, and best of luck on your future endeavours.”


Remember that there is no one best message, it all depends on your relationship with the person that is graduating, so let that be your guide in deciding what to write on their graduation gift card! we’ll even make it easier for you, our Success Graduation Bouquet is now available to order, and no matter what the message on the gift card is, this bouquet will surely make their day!

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