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Floral Tokens of Love: Unveiling the Perfect Flowers for Each Anniversary

Posted by Amazing Graze Flowers on

Floral Tokens of Love: Unveiling the Perfect Flowers for Each Anniversary - Amazing Graze Flowers

Every anniversary is a beautiful milestone in a couple's journey, and what better way to celebrate than with the language of flowers? Throughout history, certain flowers have come to symbolise specific years of marital bliss. In this blog, we embark on a delightful journey, exploring the significance and beauty of flowers that represent each anniversary. From the fragrant roses of the first year to the enchanting lilies of the fiftieth, let's discover the perfect floral gifts that capture the essence of love, commitment, and growth. 

1st Anniversary: Carnations

pink carnations

The first anniversary of a wedding is a time brimming with anticipation and sentiment, commemorating the initial year spent as a married pair. Carnations, which signify youthful and ardent love, are an ideal choice to mark this special occasion.

2nd Anniversary: Cosmos

cosmos flower

Cosmos symbolises the equilibrium and unity within a relationship. It is often mentioned that by the second year of marriage, the enchantment of the honeymoon phase subsides, and couples find themselves embracing a more profound comprehension of one another, having established a sense of stability.

3rd Anniversary: Sunflowers


Sunflowers embody the enduring vitality and resilience of a marital bond. Much like the brightness and robustness of sunflowers, the third year of marriage often finds things flourishing and thriving. Offering a bouquet of sunflowers to your partner serves as an ideal gesture to commemorate your third anniversary.

4th Anniversary: Geraniums


Geraniums exemplify genuine friendship and collaboration, mirroring the evolution of your love throughout four years of marriage. This quality makes them an impeccable choice as the flower of choice for a fourth anniversary, signifying the strong bond and deep connection that has blossomed between you and your partner.

5th Anniversary: Daisies


Daisies possess a symbolic arrangement that mirrors the essence of a fifth anniversary. With each petal radiating outward from the centre, they symbolise the countless splendid ways in which the couple continues to flourish and evolve together. The sturdy centre of the daisy represents the unwavering foundation of profound love that has been nurtured and strengthened over five years.

6th Anniversary: Calla Lilies

calla lily

To commemorate the beauty and personal development that has arisen from your mutual dedication, Calla lilies serve as a symbolic representation of these attributes. They are an exceptional gift choice to express your love and gratitude, showcasing the profound affection and admiration you hold for your partner.

7th Anniversary: Freesia

Freesias epitomise the trust and unwavering loyalty that have bound you together. With their captivating fragrance and exotic allure, these flowers serve as impeccable gifts to commemorate your seventh anniversary. They symbolise the deep trust and enduring faithfulness that has been instrumental in keeping your bond strong and resilient throughout the years.

8th Anniversary: Clematis


Following eight years of marriage, the connection between you and your partner has flourished into a robust bond that continues to strengthen. It could be said that your minds are intricately intertwined. Clematis flowers aptly symbolise this beautiful harmony, representing how couples grow wiser and become more attuned to one another over time. They serve as a perfect representation of the profound understanding and deep connection that has blossomed between you and your partner.

9th Anniversary: Poppy


Radiant and captivating, poppies make an ideal choice for commemorating the ninth anniversary. With their vibrant red petals, they symbolize the profound sense of serenity that couples attain after nine years of marriage. These colourful and beautiful flowers serve as a representation of the peace and harmony that has been cultivated within your relationship over nearly a decade. 

10th Anniversary: Daffodils


Daffodils, with their symbolism of new beginnings and rejuvenation, are an excellent choice of flower to celebrate a decade of marriage on the 10th anniversary. Their bright and cheerful demeanour, available in shades of yellow and white, perfectly encapsulates the spirit of this milestone. Just as daffodils bloom anew, they represent the continued growth, fresh opportunities, and joyful moments that await you and your partner as you embark on the next chapter of your journey together.

11th Anniversary: Morning Glory

Morning glory

This exquisite petite flower embodies love and affection. With its distinct shape and delightful colours, Morning Glory serves as an impeccable gift to celebrate the journey of 11 years spent together. The charm and allure of this flower perfectly capture the essence of your enduring love and the special bond you have cultivated over the years.

12th Anniversary: Peony


Peonies, renowned for their sophistication and elegance, hold significant symbolism for the 12th anniversary. Associated with romance, good fortune, and blissful marriage, they make an impeccable choice to commemorate this milestone. Their graceful beauty and profound meanings make peonies the perfect gift to celebrate twelve years of cherished togetherness, representing the love and happiness that have blossomed throughout your journey as a couple. 

13th Anniversary: Chrysanthemums


Chrysanthemums, with their symbolic representation of joy and optimism, hold a significant place. Across different cultures, these flowers are associated with royalty, adding an air of regality to their meaning. Adorned with intricate layers and vibrant colours, chrysanthemums are believed to bring luck to those who possess them. This makes them an excellent choice to celebrate your 13th anniversary, signifying the continued joy, optimism, and fortune that have graced your journey together as a couple.

14th Anniversary: Dahlias 


With their striking and distinctive colours, Dahlias serve as captivating statement flowers that embody the uniqueness of every marriage. Just as each dahlia possesses its own vibrant and alluring appearance, so too does every marriage have its own remarkable qualities. By presenting dahlias to your partner after 14 years together, you convey the message that there are still thrilling and exciting moments awaiting both of you. It serves as a reminder that your relationship continues to evolve and hold surprises, promising a future filled with anticipation and joy.

15th Anniversary: Roses


Roses, with their timeless symbol of love, passion, and romance, hold a special place in celebrating relationships. These classic emblems of affection are available in a variety of colours, but red and pink stand out as the most popular choices. And what could be a more fitting way to commemorate 15 years of togetherness than with a stunning bouquet of roses? By gifting your partner with this beautiful arrangement, you express your enduring love and admiration, reflecting on the journey you have shared while embracing the continued romance and affection that fills your relationship.

20th Anniversary: Aster


Asters, symbolising love, patience, and elegance, derive their name from the Greek word for "star." These exquisite flowers perfectly embody the radiant highlights of your remarkable 20-year journey together. As you celebrate your 20th anniversary, gifting asters serves as an ideal choice, reflecting the enduring love and grace that have illuminated your path as a couple. Just as stars light up the night sky, these flowers honour the beautiful moments and milestones you have shared, making them a heartfelt and meaningful gift to mark this significant anniversary.

25th Anniversary: Iris


The silver anniversary, commemorating a quarter of a century of love, is a remarkable milestone. Despite the passing of time, your bond has not only endured but has grown stronger. The iris, symbolising strength and admiration, holds significant meaning for this occasion. With their stunning appearance, irises serve as the perfect flower to celebrate 25 years of marriage, reflecting the enduring strength of your love and the admiration you hold for one another. It is a fitting tribute to the profound journey you have shared, marked by resilience, beauty, and an unbreakable connection.

30th Anniversary: Lily


Celebrate the remarkable beauty and unwavering devotion that have kept your love strong throughout three decades. Lilies, symbolising these extraordinary qualities, serve as an exceptional gift to express your deep love and appreciation on your 30th anniversary. These elegant flowers reflect the profound bond and enduring commitment you and your partner have shared, making them a perfect tribute to the journey of love and devotion you have embarked upon together.

40th Anniversary: Gladiolus


Gladiolus, with its symbolism of strength, integrity, and enduring infatuation, encapsulates the qualities that have kept you and your partner together for so many years. This remarkable flower beautifully represents the deep and lasting affection you still hold for each other even after four decades of love and commitment. By choosing gladiolus as a gift to celebrate your 40th anniversary, you convey the message that your infatuation and admiration for your beloved remain as strong as ever. It serves as a touching tribute to the remarkable bond and lasting love you have cultivated throughout your journey together.

50th Anniversary: Yellow Roses and Violets


As you celebrate your golden anniversary, marking an incredible 50 years of marriage, it is a momentous occasion to honour the joy, friendship, loyalty, and devotion that have been the pillars of your enduring bond. Traditionally, yellow roses and violets hold significance as the flowers associated with this milestone. The complementary nature of their two colours beautifully symbolises how you and your partner perfectly complement each other in your journey through life. The yellow roses represent the radiant happiness and warm affection you share, while the violets symbolise the fidelity and faithfulness that have characterised your remarkable partnership. Together, these flowers represent the harmonious blend of love and commitment that has enriched your golden years together.


In the beautiful journey of marriage, each anniversary holds its significance and symbolism, represented by the exquisite flowers chosen to commemorate the milestones. From the excitement of the first anniversary to the enduring strength of the silver and golden years, flowers have served as messengers of love, devotion, and growth. Each bloom, with its unique qualities and meanings, has captured the essence of the relationship's evolution, celebrating the joys, challenges, and cherished moments shared by two souls bound together. Whether it is the vibrant roses, elegant lilies, or enchanting daisies, these flowers have whispered tales of love, companionship, and unwavering commitment. As couples exchange these precious gifts, they affirm the depth of their affection and their profound gratitude for the years spent side by side. May these floral celebrations continue to flourish, serving as reminders of the enduring beauty and everlasting love found in the sacred bond of marriage. 

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