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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Flower Gift Guide

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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Flower Gift Guide - Amazing Graze Flowers

We’re well and truly into 2022 and just like that, Valentine’s Day is already around the corner! With almost everyone being back at work now and just about every friendship group wanting to catch up after the holidays, it’s no wonder why Valentine’s Day gifts can be placed on the back burner.

At Amazing Graze Flowers, we understand that things come up! That’s why we’ve put together a last minute flower gift guide for those of you who still want to treat your Valentine, but don't have the time for additional planning. 

Looking to Buy Flowers for Valentine’s Day?

What Flowers to Get on Valentine’s Day

Roses - Make a statement with a single long stem rose, a box of a dozen roses, or hat box roses. Roses have traditionally always been associated with strong emotions such as passion, love and sincere administration. With this in mind, it’s no wonder why these timeless flowers are a popular choice during the most loved up holiday of the year.

box of dozen red roses

Tulips - Shower the person you love with a gorgeous bucket of tulips. Tulips are a classic flower that are associated with the symbolism of "deep or perfect love". What better day to gift these flowers than on valentine's day.

pink bucket of tulip flowers

Black Roses - Wouldn't call your partner the romantic type? Maybe a bouquet of black roses might be up their alley. Check out our arrangement of black roses today.

While red roses are the classic choice, stand out from the crowd and send your Valentines a bunch that’s just as unique and one-of-a-kind as they are.  

bouquet of black roses

Roses & Lilies - Add a pop of colour into a traditional bouquet of roses! There's no better duo than roses and lilies to show the person you care about how much you love them. A beautiful colour combination that can never go wrong.

bouquet of red roses and lilies

Australian Natives - Red roses aren't for everyone. Why not give them something they might appreciate more? Australian Natives come in a tasteful colour palette that matches a variety of different living spaces - making them the perfect arrangement to have displayed in the home!

large arrangement of australian native flowers

How to Care for Fresh Flowers

Flower bouquets may not last forever (unless they're from our everlasting range, of course), but a little extra care can help you keep them around for a little longer. Depending on the level of care and the type of flowers in the bouquet, it's likely that they'll last 4-7 days or longer. For step by step instructions on how to keep your blooms around for longer, check out our blog post ‘How to care for fresh cut flowers’ here.

Find your perfect bunch at Amazing Graze Flowers 

Get yourself ready for this Valentine’s Day, and choose from our huge selection of long stem roses, rose boxes, tulip buckets, and gorgeous floral arrangements. 

For more information or to enquire about a specific arrangement you’d like created, feel free to call us on +61 (3) 9374 2929

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