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Indoor Plants that Perfectly Fit in Melbourne’s Climate

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Indoor Plants that Perfectly Fit in Melbourne’s Climate - Amazing Graze Flowers

As one of the most liveable cities around the world, Melbourne is a vibrant city with the finest Australian arts, culture, cuisine, and scenery on display. One of the most notable features of life in Melbourne should be its distinctive four seasons and unpredictable weather. Located in the zone of subtropical oceanic climate, Melbourne has mild and rainy spring, warm and sometimes hot summer, cooling-down Autumn and cold and windy Winter. However, sometimes you could experience four seasons in one day.

This has made it more challenging for us Melbournians to take care of indoor plants. But nothing should stop us from taking pleasure in bringing greenery into our homes and nurturing those indoor plants and giving them what they all need as individuals.

Therefore, our plant expert at Amazing Graze Flowers compiles a list of three most adaptable indoor plants that will thrive in Melbourne's fickle climate, hoping all plant lovers, no matter experts or beginners, could enjoy their house plants minus the stress of killing them quickly or those who may be time-poor. 

Hoya Australis

Hoyas melbourne

The exceptional tolerance for neglect as well as its air-purifying qualities has made hoyas an excellent houseplant for anyone to grow in any indoor space. As a general rule of thumb, watering once every 10 days will give Hoya Australis the perfect amount to grow. However, don’t worry too much if you forget as it is always better to underwater hoyas than overwatering them. Hoya Australis is typically sensitive to frost and cold weather, but it can endure a brief period of drought. Moreover, Hoya Australis’s leaves are a good indicator of underwatering as the leaves begin to wrinkle when the plant is underwatered. And after a thorough soaking, the leaves will return to their normal shape. Nevertheless, Hoya Australis can still grow epiphytically under artificial light even if it enjoys bright and dappled sunlight for blooming. If left untrimmed, Hoya Australis can grow up to 4 to 5 metres with proper support.

Therefore, if you want to bring some greenery into some small office space, Hoya Australis would be a perfect choice.

Devil’s Ivy

devils ivy

Devil’s Ivy, named Epipremnum aureum, also refers to Snow Queen, could thrive in any place, naturally, including Melbourne. Some people called it an “idiot-proof” houseplant due to its low maintenance requirements. If you want to start a new planter from scratch, it's one of the simplest plants to propagate. Like any indoor plant, they benefit from some indirect sunshine, but not much is needed, and their magnificent vining trails will quickly turn your room green. A thorough soak once a week is probably preferable while it has an adequate level of drought tolerance. Normally, homeowners will prune when the plant becomes too long and unruly. Otherwise, it can reach up to 20 metres when going out of control.

Fast-growing, low-maintenance, and unconcerned with humidity, every Melbourne collector's home ought to contain the Devil’s Ivy.

Peace Lily

peace lily plant

Peace Lily is chosen for our best list for Melbournians because it is so flexible that it will even let you know when it needs watering. Give this plant a good drink as soon as you notice that its leaves are falling. Watch as the plant mysteriously grows new leaves after soaking up all the water it can handle. Even without sunshine, this plant will still thrive while it won't likely produce flowers. If you don’t want to just enjoy the rich, green foliage, grow the peace lily in a bright spot out of direct sunlight and give it regular mist and house plant feed during summer will bring the extra blooms back to your home.

Peace Lily will be the perfect fit if you want a plant that is somewhat showy, blooms, purifies your air of toxins, is simple to maintain, and so on. At Amazing Graze Flowers, we provide three sizes of peace lily, 120mm, 150mm and 200mm so that you can find the perfect one to suit your space.


Before you jump into a new plant or flower purchase, a little bit of research could save your pet from experiencing negative reactions and ensure you can both enjoy the health and wellbeing benefits that flowers and plants can provide. For same-day plant and flower delivery, order from Amazing Graze now.

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