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Flowers for Friendship: Blooms to Honour Your BFFs

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Flowers for Friendship: Blooms to Honour Your BFFs - Amazing Graze Flowers


BFFs. Besties. Homies. What does friendship mean to you?

Someone said it’s a connection between peoples, countries, cultures, and individuals that can inspire peace efforts and build bridges between communities. Someone said it’s about having someone with whom you can go and talk about anything too, trusting someone with anything, and supporting each other no matter what. 

However, we can never take our friends for granted. This July 30, the International Day of Friendship proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in 2011, it’s a good time to send some flowers and say “Thank you” to your besties.

Flower Colours for Friendship

In general, any bright and colourful flowers will be great for celebrating friendship. If we have to pick one, yellow is the traditional colour for flowers meaning friendship. It’s no wonder given that the colour is cheerful and upbeat. Yellow is also a distinctive hue, as shown by the signage and paint applied to the roads. Therefore, use yellow in the arrangements for your besties to express your love in a cheery, striking way.

Typical Flowers for Friendship

yellow roses

There is no question that the yellow rose is the most symbolic flower for friendship. It’s called by many florists “the flower of friendship”. Even a fleeting glance at a bouquet of yellow roses instantly lifts our spirits. Bright yellow exudes cosiness, hope, good vibes, warmth, and sunlight. The yellow roses are often gifted to besties to bring joy, cheer them up and express how much you appreciate them.

pink tulips

Tulips come in a range of hues, and each colour has a unique meaning. In Turkey and Netherlands, tulips are regarded as the symbol of everlasting love. However, they stand for more than just romantic love. It could also refer to unwavering affections like friendship and devotion from parents. Especially, pink tulips will be the perfect choice if you want to invoke good wishes of friendship and compassion.

  • Chrysanthemum


Filled with petals, the chrysanthemum is mostly connected with Mother’s Day and motherhood due to it is usually called “mums”. However, chrysanthemums have so many meanings over the world, such as optimism, joy, longevity, care, and well wishes. Moreover, trust is yet another value the mums stand for. This is particularly important as most of us believe trust is one of the foundations of true friendship. Therefore, the rich meanings that chrysanthemums represent make them the ideal flowers to gift your friends on any joyful occasion. 

  • Sunflower

sunflower bouquet

The sunflower is one of the most popular flowers across the world and you can find it everywhere, not only in gardens but also in art shows (who have not heard about Van Gogh's painting of Sunflowers?). Looking like the sun, the sunflower’s bright yellow petals spark joy and always remind us of summer and positive vibes. Nevertheless, sunflowers also bear great symbolism from the Ancient Greek Myth where Greek gods transformed the nymph, Clytie, into beautiful sunflowers so that she could always follow the god of the sun, Helios. Therefore, sunflowers become a symbol of unreturned love and loyalty. These make sunflowers a perfect gift if you're seeking something that properly captures enduring friendship. 

  • Cymbidium Orchid

Also known as the boat orchid, cymbidium orchid is native to tropical regions of Australia and Asia. Orchids are found as one of the rarest flowers around the world, as rare as the opportunity to find a life-long friendship. These cymbidium orchids also symbolise pure, valued and respected friendship between you and your besties. Besides, cymbidium orchids have multiple meanings in different cultures such as fertility and masculinity in Ancient Greece and beauty and strength in Europe. All these values and characteristics make the cymbidium orchid a wonderful flower present for your dearest friends. Moreover, Amazing Graze Flowers also provides the low-maintenance cymbidium orchid plant if your friends are plant-lovers.


We’re here to help you brighten up your bestie’s day with beautiful gift cards and stunning bouquets. Take advantage of our safe, same-day flower delivery service across Melbourne to celebrate the unique friendship this International Day of Friendship on the 30th of July.

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