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Caring for Fiddle Leaf Fig Plants

Posted by Amazing Graze Flowers on

Caring for Fiddle Leaf Fig Plants - Amazing Graze Flowers

How to care for your Fiddle Leaf Figs- The ficus lyrata. 

The Fiddle Leaf Figs is a popular choice to complete your home interior, it is an iconic indoor plant seen posted up in magazines and probably your pinterest board.   

The reason why the Fiddle Leaf Figs plant is so popular is because of its large evergreen leaves that climb along the stem of the plant which can grow up to 6feet and more depending on the maintenance and care.

Your fiddle leaf fig needs some tender love and care in you home, below are the care instructions.

Light Positioning
Fiddle Leaf Figs need to be placed in a room with filtered light to lots of bright light but please avoid placing them in direct sunlight. Fiddle Leaf Figs also do not like to be moved around a lot, so place them where they will not be in anyone's way. If you do move the plant make sure you plan out the next spot with the right lighting/climate and do not move them again for another month or so unless the Fiddle Leaf Fig is not thriving in their new spot. It is important to note that Fiddle leaf Fig plants like the warmer climates and should be positioned in a room where they're not in direct contact with the air conditioner or heater as this will cause the leaves to dry out and the constant temperature change is not recommended for a good environment for the plant to live.  

Watering your Fiddle Leaf Fig weekly with room temperature water is the general rule however, you need to make sure that the topsoil has dried out and the water filters through the whole pot. Avoid allowing the water to stay stagnant in the pot tray as this can cause root rot and infect your plant causing it to eventually drop its leaves and die. This can happen quickly if not treated so it is very important not to overwater and allow any water to sit in the tray.  

The best part is that the Fiddle Leaf Fig will tell you about its current condition by the look of their leaves. Things to look out for:

Leaves Cause 
Brown leaves along the edges
Brown leaves along the edges and brown spots
Overwatered and may have Root rot.
Brown Spots
Too much sun or too cold
Leaves are pointed upwards/ sidewards
Fiddle Leaf Fig is Happy with their position and amount of light 
Leaves are pointed downwards
Your Fiddle Leaf Fig is unhappy. May need more light/more water.  

You can also tell by the leaves if their bacterial infection/ insect damage which is very important and needs prompt action. 

Caring for your Fiddle Leaf Fig is a wonderful way to make sure your beautiful plant continues to grow, conduct positive airflow and purifying the air in your home. The big green leaves will brighten up the room and create a wonderful calming vibe. 

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