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5 Rose Colours and What They Mean

Posted by Amazing Graze Flowers on

5 Rose Colours and What They Mean - Amazing Graze Flowers

There is no more admired or well-known flower than the coveted rose. It is always chosen by those who want to make a grand impression and deliver a bloom that is sure to impress. This flower has a long-standing tradition of being given as a romantic gesture, but did you know that each different colour of rose holds its own symbolic meaning? From love at first sight lavender to bountiful green, make sure you know what message you’re sending with your next bouquet.


Red Rose

The red rose is the most common colour you’ll see in a floral shop and the one most often sent. The red rose symbolises passion, desire, and love. This classic bloom should be gifted to those you’re romantically entangled with to show the depth of your feelings for them. This is the perfect shade of rose if you’re looking to pick up a bouquet for a first date, anniversary or Valentine’s Day. A single red rose can show your intention to pursue a relationship while a larger bouquet celebrates many milestones together.


Yellow Rose

Historically, this rose has been used to show jealousy and infidelity. These days, it’s not typical to send someone a bunch of beautiful flowers just to say you don’t trust them. Thankfully, this rose has been gifted new meaning and we now use this colour to show feelings of warmth and friendship. Yellow roses make great gifts for a thank you or housewarming bouquet or to wish good health.


White Roses

This simple, classic flower has multiple meanings. Tying in with any colour scheme, it is frequently used for wedding florals to show innocence, purity, and new beginnings where it can be seen in buttonholes, bouquets and centrepieces. While it is used in weddings for its symbolic meaning of eternal love and loyalty, it is also used in remembrance wreaths for this same purpose showing the cyclical nature of celebrating life.


Pink Roses

Different shades of pink rose may communicate subtly different meanings. On the whole, this sweet-smelling flower symbolises femininity and elegance. Varying shades can shift the meaning from admiration and gratitude to joy and grace. Overall, it’s a fabulous shade of rose to gift for Mother’s Day or a birthday.


Orange Rose

These bright blooms are said to convey a feeling of admiration and energy. They often accompany exciting moments in life where you would wish to find a bouquet full of fun and optimistic flowers. These roses can show your feeling of enthusiasm for the recipient and could be gifted to celebrate a graduation or promotion.


Mixed Bouquet

Why not get inspired and mix colours throughout your bouquet to layer multiple meanings and create your own unique bunch. Traditionally, mixing white and red roses represents unity and has been used to celebrate engagements and marriage. Choose colours with significance to you and gift a story with your flowers.


While any colour of rose is sure to be received with excitement and surprise, arranging a bouquet with a specific meaning can bring a personal touch to every flower that we’re sure will make them even more treasured.

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