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Peonies - 5 steps to wake up the bloom

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Peonies - 5 steps to wake up the bloom - Amazing Graze Flowers

Fragrant, abundant and eternally glamorous, these stunning peonies are hard to miss.  

Just like roses, hydrangea and sweet peas, peonies have always been one of the most coveted nostalgic flowers, and the most expensive ones. There are various factors behind that, but one of them has to do with their notoriously short flowering season. 

Peonies from Amazing Graze Flowers

The beauty of peonies actually lies in the process of the bud opening and blossoming into a mature flower. Trust me, you will be so surprised to see how a tiny peony bud can open up with countless petals and even until as big as 10 inches in diameter.

Once your peony flowers start to bloom, they normally can last for around 5-7 days. Keeping them away from direct sunlight and in a cool place will help if you want to have the blooms for a little longer. 

Peonies in Marshmallow Stage

Chances are, you may bring home or receive some peonies that look like this. Still a bit round, closed and too secured. We know, when these baby buds might not seem to be very promising, but there’s nothing to worry about! It only means that they are in their freshest state possible to ensure longer life in their new home. 

Peonies Eerly Blooming

These are the 3 stages of a peony bud: Marble-like Stage, Marshmallow Stage and Early Blooming Stage. Marble-like Stage: completely closed bud, small, hard and tight. It’s just peeking out but hasn’t started. Marshmallow Stage: it feels soft when you pick it up and the petals will bounce like a marshmallow when you gently squish it. They are close to opening. Early Blooming Stage: after the bud actually started to bloom. You can see it coming out with layers of petals.

If you want to make the blooms open faster, follow these 5 steps below

  1. Trim additional foliages - That way once they’ve settled in their vase with some water and food they’ll dedicate all their energy to the petals.
  2. Cut the stems diagonally - When flowers arrive you should always cut the stems at a 45º angle to allow the blooms to absorb as much water as they can, as fast as possible.
  3. Fill the vase with tepid water and don't forget to add some flower food.
  4. Place it in a warm and bright room to encourage the bloom to open faster. 
  5. Cover the bunch under a plastic bag for a short while to stimulate the process. 


At Amazing Graze Flowers, we always pick the freshest flowers to allow all these beauties to bloom for a longer time at the recipients' places, especially for those flowers having a short blooming time like peonies. If you want to bring one home or send it to your loved one, take advantage of our same-day flower delivery across Melbourne, Geelong and Mornington Peninsula. Order before 5 pm every day and get it on the same day. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about flowersplants and anything else. 

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