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Taking good care of your plants in Autumn

Posted by Amazing Graze Flowers on

Taking good care of your plants in Autumn - Amazing Graze Flowers

The shift from summer to autumn can be a big change not only for us humans but for our plants, too. The temperatures drop, the wind picks up, rainfall increases and the moisture levels in the air change. We often think of spring and summer as being the ‘busy period’ for our plants: repotting, new growth and fertilisation. Autumn, on the other hand, is a period of settling down and nestling in for the colder months and shorter days. Here are a number of ways to help your plants navigate these changes and ensure they’re thriving throughout every season.

Decrease watering

As temperatures decrease, your plants’ soil will soak up water much slower than in dry, hot months. Although they’ll still need the amount of water, you won’t have to water them as often. A general rule of thumb is to wait until the top 3 centimetres of the potting mix is dry before you water your plant again. Constantly wet or damp soil can be a breeding ground for nasties that could harm your plants.

Avoid repotting

Did you miss the repotting period in spring? Instead of repotting your plants now, we recommend holding out for next spring. Your plants won’t be growing too much over the next few months; it’s best to repot them in their main growth period to allow them to grow into a larger, newer home.

Pay attention to light and temperature

Drastic, sudden weather changes can be detrimental to plants. As autumn brings shorter days, less daylight and colder temperatures, pay extra attention to your plants and monitor what they might be in need of. Perhaps they need more direct sunlight than they would in summer, or maybe you need to move them away from drafty windows and doorways. Take caution not to over-expense your plants to heaters or fireplaces – this might dry them out. To combat dryness, mist your plants every few days to increase humidity.

Give them an autumn makeover

Spruce up your plants a little! Now that the summer is gone and we’re settling down for the year, give your plants a trim, wipe down the leaves, treat where necessary, prune if applicable and check all over for pests. They’ll appreciate the TLC as they nestle into the cooler weather.


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