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Here in Melbourne, we've been confined to our homes for quite a while now. It's hard to be away from the people that you love for such a long time, so the desire to see friends and family is strong at this point. But just because you need to stay home doesn't mean you can't find alternative ways to spend some quality time with your loved ones – even if that means you celebrating a birthday virtually.


We've put together our top tips for celebrating your birthday in style without leaving the house. You might want to do this via Skype, Zoom or Facetime, or just spend some quality time with your partner. Either way, these tips will help you to create an evening that will leave the birthday girl or guy feeling loved and celebrated.


1. Save the date

This is just as important with virtual meetings as it is if you were meeting up in person. Set a time, let everyone know, or send out some invitations so they won't forget. There are plenty of websites where you can send pretty invites via email that will help to make the call feel more like an occasion. If you're at home with a lot of spare time on your hands, this will be a fun, creative project to work on too. Start designing and getting everyone excited about the event.


2. Pick the location

You might be at home, but the spot where you're going to host the party is still essential. You could sit at the table for date night or have a floor picnic in the lounge room with plenty of cushions to keep you comfy. You can surround your coffee table with pillows and fairy lights, or set the dining table with wine glasses, candles and beautiful roses for a luxurious feel. Remember, it can be fancy without the need to be formal.


3. Birthday food and drinks

If you take the time to plan, you can order some delicious party menu items in your online food shop or when you're next out shopping for essentials. Even if you're cooking for yourself, that doesn't mean you don't have to make yourself a lovely meal to enjoy. You can also raid your cupboards for items you might not normally reach for, or those that you've been saving for a 'special occasion'. What better time to open that bottle of champagne sitting in the cupboard? Don’t forget to send the birthday boy or girl a bottle to pop, too!


4. Decorate, decorate, decorate!

Have your guests feeling all warm inside by setting up an intimate scene. If you're at the table, get out your best placemats and cutlery and add a fresh birthday bouquet as a beautiful centrepiece that adds instant colour. If the birthday boy or girl isn't in your household, send them a bouquet ahead of time so they can include these in their decorating. Lighting a few small tea lights will always help to set the scene. Even simple things like a cake stand or a houseplant make great additions, too. Oh, and don’t forget the balloons!


5. Entertain your party guests

You don't have to put a heap of effort into creating some entertainment for the night. Under these circumstances, everyone invited will probably be happy just to have the company and a good old chat. But, if you want to add an element of competition, then you could create a game of trivia, or play games such as heads up, Pictionary, or charades. Not into games? You could create a Spotify playlist that you and your guests can listen to and request songs.


The possibilities are endless, but at the end of the day, your party-goers will simply be grateful to be spending some time together, while you're apart. Now that you know what to do, it's time to throw a virtual birthday party!


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