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Why you should always have fresh flowers in your home

Posted by Amazing Graze Flowers on

Why you should always have fresh flowers in your home - Amazing Graze Flowers

 We’re firm believers in keeping fresh flowers in the home at all times, and not just because they look beautiful. There are a plethora of incredible benefits to having fresh bunches throughout the home – find out why.

Boost your productivity 

Research has revealed that fresh plants and flowers can significantly boost your productivity levels and creativity while you work. They can also increase cognitive performance, helping us perform better while we work from home. Place a bunch on your work desk and swap them out whenever they’re looking tired – we suggest choosing stimulating colours like red and blue to keep you alert while you work.

Decrease stress

Plants have long been known to have healing properties – flowers included. Certain florals like jasmine, rose, lavender and chamomile have been proven to combat anxiety and lower stress levels through aromatherapy. Placing them in areas of the home where you need help relaxing – the bedroom, your home office – can bring you a significant level of calm. Research also shows that simply looking at flowers or plants for a few minutes a day can boost mental health and lower stress levels.

Welcome your guests

Make your guests feel like they’re stepping into a gorgeous oasis when they enter your home. Place a bunch of fresh flowers in your entryway, dining room, guest room – anywhere your guests will be spending time. They don’t have to be extravagant; even something as simple as a few bunches of baby’s breath can go a long way to boosting the ambience of your space and making giving guests a luxurious experience in your home.

Aid the healing process

Are you recovering from an illness or surgery? Fresh flowers can actually help you heal! A study carried out in 2009 showed that patients who had flowers placed in their hospital rooms while recovering from surgeries had significantly lower blood pressure, pain ratings, anxiety and fatigue than other patients who did not have fresh flowers in their room.

Cultivate a particular mood 

Different varieties and colours of flowers can make people feel certain ways. White flowers tend to bring a sense of calm, while brighter colours stimulate the mind and help to perk you up. We recommend placing white and pastel-coloured flowers in calmer rooms like bedrooms and bathrooms. Bright bunches, on the other hand, should be placed in the living room and dining room to stimulate conversation or in the home office to keep you switched on while working.


We want to help you curate your ideal environment in your home using fresh flowers. To find the right flowers for your needs, contact the expert team here at Amazing Graze today. Take advantage of our same-day plant and flower delivery if you need fresh flowers in a pinch.

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