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The Meaning and Symbolism of Roses: A Guide for Choosing the Perfect Bouquet

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Roses, with their timeless beauty and versatility, have long been cherished as a symbol of love and affection across different countries and cultures. These classic flowers are the perfect choice for special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, Mother's Day, and of course, Valentine's Day. At Amazing Graze Flowers, we offer a wide range of fresh rose bouquets to help you find the perfect gift for those special moments in life.


The Rich History of Rose Symbolism

The allure of roses can be traced back thousands of years. Their cultivation is believed to have begun in Asia around 5,000 years ago, with Confucius mentioning their growth in the Imperial Gardens around 500 B.C. The ancient Greeks also held roses in high regard, particularly in relation to Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. As a result, the Romans adopted the rose as a symbol of beauty and love, a sentiment that still holds true today.

During the Roman Empire, roses were not only associated with love but also held meanings of vanity. Emperors would shower their guests with rose petals during extravagant banquets. Additionally, the term "sub rosa," meaning "under the rose," originated from ancient Rome. Roses were hung from the ceilings of banquet halls to indicate that conversations held under their influence were to remain confidential.

In 15th century England, roses became emblems of the civil wars known as the Wars of the Roses. The House of Lancaster chose the red rose as their symbol, while the House of York adopted the white rose. These two roses were eventually combined to create the Tudor Rose, which is now one of the most recognisable symbols in the United Kingdom.

Rose Symbolism in Different Cultures

Today, roses are universally recognised as symbols of love and romance. However, their meanings can vary across different cultures.

In Catalonia, Spain, the tradition of offering roses to partners on St. George's Day represents an expression of love. Known as "El Dia de la Rosa" or "The Day of the Rose," April 23rd sees the exchange of roses and books between sweethearts. Similarly, in Italy, red roses symbolise love and passion and are among the most commonly gifted flowers.

In Japan, flowers are traditionally given as gifts to both men and women. White roses symbolise innocence, purity, and silence, while red roses convey strong emotions of romance, love, and passion.

The Meaning of Rose Colours

At Amazing Graze Flowers, we offer a wide variety of Rose Colours, each with its own distinct meaning and symbolism. Here is a guide to help you choose the perfect colour for your bouquet:

Red Roses: The Symbol of Love

Red Roses are the ultimate symbol of love, romance, and desire. They are the perfect choice for couples celebrating their love for each other. Browse through our range of anniversary flowers and Valentine's Day flowers to find the perfect red rose bouquet for your special someone.

White Roses: New Beginnings and Remembrance

White Roses are often used in weddings and baptisms as they symbolise new beginnings, hope, innocence, and purity. They are also a respectful choice for expressing remembrance and love at funerals. Explore our range of sympathy flowers to find the right white rose bouquet to express your condolences.

Pink Roses: Versatile and Expressive

Pink Roses convey a range of meanings depending on their shade. Deep pink roses are a wonderful choice for expressing gratitude to a friend, while light pink roses symbolise happiness, gentleness, admiration, and grace. They are perfect for conveying young love and friendship and work beautifully in arrangements with orange or yellow roses.

Orange Roses: Passion and Energy

Orange Roses symbolise enthusiasm, energy, and passion. These vibrant flowers communicate positive energy and are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, and other celebratory occasions.

Yellow Roses: Friendship and Joy

In the Victorian era, Yellow Roses symbolised jealousy, conflict, and infidelity. However, their meaning has evolved over time, and they now represent friendship, warmth, and caring. Yellow roses are a cheerful choice that can brighten up someone's day.

Lavender Roses: Enchantment and Adoration

Lavender roses, with their extraordinary and rare hue, symbolise enchantment, adoration, and love. They are a perfect choice for expressing sincere appreciation and love for someone.

Green Roses: Hope and Rejuvenation

Green roses hold various meanings, including hope, fertility, cheerfulness, and rejuvenation. They are an ideal choice for celebrating new babies or conveying well-wishes to friends who are starting a family.

The Significance of the Number of Roses

In addition to the colour, the number of roses in a bouquet also holds meaning. Here is a general guide to help you convey the right message:

  • One rose of any colour: Thank you or love at first sight.
  • Two roses: Deep love and affection.
  • Three roses: "I love you," often reserved for anniversaries.
  • Six roses: Expressing love and longing.
  • Seven roses: Infatuation and deep admiration.
  • Eight roses: A symbol of support for friends or family.
  • Nine roses: Eternal love, as long as we live.
  • Twelve roses: Perfect love and gratitude.

Send the Perfect Message with Amazing Graze Flowers

With the myriad of meanings and symbolism associated with roses, choosing the perfect bouquet can be a daunting task. At Amazing Graze Flowers, we understand the importance of expressing meaningful messages through flowers. Our commitment to quality ensures that our roses are delivered in bud whenever possible, allowing them to bloom in the recipient's home and last as long as possible.

You can further personalise your gift by adding chocolate or wine to your choice of flowers and including a free card with a personalised message. Our flower delivery services cover major cities such as Melbourne, Sydney, Mornington and Geelong, making it convenient to send beautiful roses to your loved ones.

So, don't wait any longer! Explore our collection of stunning rose bouquets and make someone's day truly special with the gift of roses.

Additional Information:

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