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The in-season autumn flowers your home needs

Posted by Amazing Graze Flowers on

The in-season autumn flowers your home needs - Amazing Graze Flowers

Leaves slowly falling off trees, coating the footpaths, turning from lush vibrant greens to golden earthy tones. The weather is cooler, nights are longer. Yep, it’s autumn season! autumn brings out the beauty of mother nature, and for a few months, we get to experience tones of terracotta, gold, beige creams and sage greens. As life starts to move from outdoors to indoors, it’s a perfect time to get your home autumn-ready, and move a bit of nature inside! Here are some of our autumn favourites. 

Natives - Australian natives flourish during the autumn season, not to mention the colours (and sometimes lack thereof!) are the perfect addition to the autumnal feel inside your home. Consider Banksias, one of the most iconic Australian natives. They will bloom outdoors and indoors, throughout all seasons. They will need a bit of love during their establishment, however, once that period is over, they will continue to thrive with little attention. Natives also make great decor pieces in your eclectic autumn home. Even when dried, these beauties carry the earthy tones and will always look pretty as a centrepiece in a vase. Check out our Australian Native flowers in a ceramic vase.

Pampas Grass - OK, so it’s not technically a flower, but it still deserves a shoutout. If you’re an active scroller of Pinterest, you’ll know how vital Pampas grass is to your autumn look! Beige in colour, Pampas grass will compliment all earthy tones and materials in your home. Pop a bunch into a tall vase and sit it in the corner of your bedroom or hallway. As it is dried, you won’t ever have to worry about watering it. They will last all year round. 

Baby’s Breath - The ever-gorgeous Baby’s Breath flower blooms in autumn, and will complement any flower bunch. These delicate, white flower clusters are often seen in wedding bouquets, as they are a symbol of everlasting love, pureness and innocence. They can be dried as well, making them a staple indoor piece that requires no effort. 

Cotton Bunch - Planted in spring and harvested in autumn, the cotton plant is a vital plant for the textile industry. Before the cotton shirt on our back was sewn up, it was purely a plant. During harvest season, a cotton plant is considered ready when the bolls crack open, exposing the cotton inside. Adding a bunch of cotton plants into a vase and using it as a decor item for a hallway bench or bedside table is a surefire way to bring autumn to life in your home. 

These plants are our top picks to bring the autumn season inside and create a cosy space. Choosing flowers with earthy tones over bright tones is what will make your home feel warm and ready to embrace the season ahead. Want to know more? Get in touch with us today and our friendly team will be happy to talk about all things autumn flowers.  

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