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Milestone Birthday Arrangements

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Milestone Birthday Arrangements - Amazing Graze Flowers

There’s something about a big bunch of fragrant flowers that can really make someone feel special. As long as people have been picking and cultivating flowers, they’ve been using them to celebrate and spread joy amongst their loved ones. While every birthday is a special occasion to be marked with gifts and good times, there are a few that we eagerly await. These big milestones should be marked with unique arrangements that the recipient will remember for years to come. If you’re looking to celebrate with the birthday boy or girl but are stuck for how to mark the occasion, here are a few tips for milestone birthday arrangements.


Still young enough to have a curfew but old enough to sit behind the wheel, sixteen is a special age of youthful ideals. We recommend bright colours, fragrant flowers and an arrangement bursting with life. For someone this age, their birthday bouquet may be the first they’ve ever received. Make them feel special with some of the popular flowers they can recognise such as roses and tulips, mixed in with some wildflowers for flair like in our Royal Sunset Arrangement.


An exciting birthday marking the entrance into adulthood, this day should be celebrated with an equally exciting arrangement. This birthday may signal the first time moving away from home, stepping out on their own or just trying to figure it all out. Offer a soft bouquet of congratulations, reassurance and excitement with a touch of whimsy with our Success Graduation Bouquet, featuring stunning snapdragons and peonies. 


This is a big birthday, one that many people wait for most of their teenage years. Marking the official turn into adulthood and farewell to adolescence, this moment will be a memory the birthday recipient will keep with them forever. Send a show-stopping arrangement with big blooms, striking colours and varying heights to make an impressive impact at this once in a lifetime celebration. Our Roses and Lillies arrangement will do just that, with 10 red long-stemmed roses mixed amongst snow white Lillies.


How do you celebrate a birthday that is both an anticipated and potentially anxiety-inducing age for some? Offer a bouquet that celebrates the unique and beautiful story of life. For this birthday we recommend featuring natives and wildflowers as a distinct vision of a more refined style. Our Native Flowers Bouquet features a distinct mix of foliage and native florals that is sure to impress. This arrangement marks the passage of time into a more cultivated sense of style.  


As we pass out of our busy thirties and into a slower period, a fortieth birthday is a big one for many. At this age, we’ve collected enough objects and are looking for more meaning within our possessions. Gift your friend or loved one with a special token that they can enjoy for longer than a few weeks with a bouquet or flower that lasts. Our Everlasting Rose would be the perfect fortieth gift from a partner, while an Everlasting Arrangement of dried and artificial flowers would be the perfect thing from a friend. 


Celebrate the fifties with something beautiful and life-affirming. These are the years where families grow up and move out and we get some time back just for ourselves. Help your friend or loved one refill their home with new life in the form of stunning blooms. We recommend something full and vivacious with subtle pops of colour. Our Pink Promise + Kew Pot showcases banksia and carnations among a selection of other flowers in a beautiful keepsake pot. 

On a milestone birthday, you want to show your love in a big way. Flowers have always been the go-to for those wanting to make an impression. Often a luxury we don’t think to buy for ourselves, treating your friend to a lively bunch of florals is sure to make their day even more memorable

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