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May Flowers: A Guide to the Stunning Blooms in Season in Australia

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May Flowers: A Guide to the Stunning Blooms in Season in Australia - Amazing Graze Flowers

All bloom lovers, head up! May is an enchanting time of year in Australia. As we are moving towards the middle of autumn, the weather starts to cool down and the gardens begin to bloom with the delightful blooms of the season. If you're planning for a blooming day or to brighten up your house, you won't want to miss the opportunity to take advantage of some of the breathtaking flowers that are in season this month.



What's the biggest event in May? Mother's Day! What's the most popular flower for Mother's Day? Carnations! 

Since Anna Jarvis founded Mother's Day for the first time, the carnation has been intimately associated with Mother's Day, as a symbol of illustrating mom’s eternal love for her children and honouring the sacrifices of mothers around the world. Luckily, as carnations flower from late spring to autumn, we are so grateful to enjoy locally grown carnations in May and on Mother's Day. 

Beyond Mother's Day, with its vibrant colours and distinctive shape, carnations are also a favourite among gardeners and flower enthusiasts alike. They're also relatively easy to grow and care for, making them a great choice for anyone looking to add a splash of colour to their garden or their home place.  

Lily of the Valley

lily of the valley

Tiny, cute, and fragrant, the bell-shaped lily of the valley might be the ultimate wedding flower when it comes to May for every dearly beloved bride (including the famous Princess Diana of England). In Latin, its scientific name “Convallaria Majalis” denotes “Valley of the May”, which explains why it’s so popular for May weddings.

In Roman and Greek mythology, the lily of the valley is associated with Apollo, the God of the Sun, as people believed that he designed this flower as a ground cover so that his nymphs would have a comfortable area to walk when they passed the Montparnasse. 

In the flower language, this flower is related to good luck in the new season, a sign of fertility and prosperity, or humility and sweetness based on different cultural backgrounds, making them a perfect gift to people you intend to see happy and prosperous. 



When it comes to Mother’s Day in Australia, we cannot skip the most identical bloom, Chrysanthemum. With its short abbreviation which is commonly called “mums” by all florists, it has become the official Mother’s Day flower in Australia, despite carnation being for the entire world.

Blooming in May in Australia, Chrysanthemum is also one of the most classical autumn flowers. From "big mama" disbud chrysanthemums to spray chrysanthemums that mimic daisies, from a deep red to a brilliant blueish purple, from symbolising brightness and happiness to long life and good fortune, the vibrant, cheerful colours and distinctive shapes of chrysanthemums make them a perfect choice for every occasion.


tulip bunches

Tulips, to love!!! Even though it might not be frequently listed among the popular types of flowers, it doesn’t change how beautiful and delightful they are in any way. For hundreds of years, tulips have gained notoriety thanks to their magnificent spring performance (for Australian flower lovers, we can enjoy its beauty in both Spring and Autumn). As early as the 1500s, Turkey's Royal Court venerated tulips as its emblem. When they first arrived in the Netherlands in the early 1600s, they caused a stir everywhere they went. A single 'Semper Augustus' tulip bulb was worth more than Amsterdam's most costly home in 1637.

As a truly extraordinary flower, it has been a source of inspiration for art, poetry, and emotion throughout its romantic history. The tulip has become a global obsession, pushing the boundaries of flower power, and truly deserves the title of "Queen of Bulbs." 

Protea repens 

protea repens

 The stunning Protea repens, sometimes known as the Common Sugarbush, is a member of the Proteaceae family and is native to South Africa. This evergreen shrub has unusual, ornate flowers that are available in pink and scarlet hues, and it may grow up to two metres in height. The tall, pointed bracts that encircle the cylindrical flowers give them a distinctive and eye-catching appearance. To produce its magnificent blooms, Protea repens needs full sun exposure and thrives in such an environment. It's a well-liked option for both gardeners and florists, and its blossoms are frequently used in bouquets, floral arrangements, and other decorative contexts.


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