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HOME Project with Zandra Schiavello

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HOME Project with Zandra Schiavello - Amazing Graze Flowers

Enhance your living space with blooms and greenery

Flowers and plants have the magic to instantly uplift the mood of anyone and add softness and texture to all kinds of settings. Most people would only associate flowers with festivities and events, however, they should never be restricted to special occasions only. The blooms and greenery not only provide a breath of freshness but also give you a chance to express your unique taste and personality. They make a house feel inviting, refreshing, and especially personal at the same time.

To bring out the art of flowers and plants in your home decor, we are here to announce the launch of HOME Project - an exciting collaboration of floristry and interior design with Zandra Schiavello, one of the most prominent interior designers in Melbourne. Fresh flowers are often underestimated in the world of interior decorating, yet it is without a doubt they are the finishing touch that adds finesse and style, as well as a wonderful fragrance to your space. We wish that through this creative project, where we find each home style their matching blooms, we can serve as an inspiration that helps maximize the synergy of floral arrangements, plants and your other favourite home accents. 

Home Project 1


Home Project 2


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