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From 1 to 100: Meanings behind the number of roses you can choose for Valentine’s Day

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From 1 to 100: Meanings behind the number of roses you can choose for Valentine’s Day - Amazing Graze Flowers

When it comes to conveying your love message via the gift of flowers, roses will definitely come first due to their well-known reputation as the symbol of love.

However, there are two things you need to consider when ordering roses.

Firstly, different rose colours can carry diverse meanings and significantly influence the message you want to send. That’s why you should check our guidelines here to find out more about rose colours.

On top of that, the different numbers of roses also have quite different meanings. Therefore, today we are going to explore the different meanings behind the number of roses to send the right number of roses on a special day for your loved ones.

Number of Roses: Meanings

A single Rose: It denotes "Love at First Sight". Whatever its colour, a solitary rose symbolises unwavering loyalty to a single individual. "You are the object of all my sincere affections."

2 Roses: It expresses your undying love and mutual feelings for them. Particularly those that are red in colour, indicate that two people are genuinely in love and that they are creating their own beautiful little world together.

3 Roses: Stand up for the three words "I Love You" and strive to spread this really straightforward but potent message.

4 Roses: The perfect way to signify nothing will stand between the two of us.

5 Roses: A wonderful option to express your affection for someone special. Five roses are also an excellent choice if you want to let your lover or friend know how much you value them.

6 Roses: Signify "I want to be yours." Giving someone six roses is the ideal approach to quietly indicate your desire to advance your relationship if you are currently dating someone.

7 Roses: The perfect way to let her/him know that “I'm infatuated with you.”

8 Roses: Giving eight roses to a friend or family member who is going through a difficult moment is the ideal gesture of support.

9 Roses: A picture of eternal love. This precise number of roses is frequently given to those you want to spend the rest of your life with.

10 Roses: A direct yet effective method to tell someone exceptional that they are excellent.

11 Roses: You are my pride and joy. It’s usually used to express genuine and enduring affection to someone.

12 Roses: A cute way to propose to your crush.

13 Roses: When given in the number 13, roses might represent either a secret admirer or an endless friendship.

14 Roses: If you want to show someone you're proud of them, pick 14 roses.

15 Roses: “I’m Really Sorry”. Choose 15 roses if you've upset someone and are asking for their pardon.

16 Roses: A good way to say, "Bon Voyage" or “Best Wishes”.

17 Roses: This is the number of roses you would gift your wife, be it on her birthday or another special occasion.

18 Roses: Give someone you care about 18 roses as a token of your sincerity and loyalty if you want to encourage them to "stay young and beautiful."

19 Roses: The number of roses you would give someone you're going to wait for.

20 Roses: “I'm sincere towards you”.

21 Roses: Use a bouquet of 21 roses to express your dedication and commitment.

22 Roses: This number connotes both togetherness and good fortune.

23 Roses: There’s no symbolic meaning behind 23 roses, except the wish for someone to be happy.

24 Roses: Stand for 24 hours, meaning that “You are always on my mind”.

25 Roses: Wish them the utmost pleasure in the world.

26 Roses: It’s used to express the phrase, “You complete me”.

27 Roses: Give your wife 27 roses to express how deeply you love her.

28 Roses: It means "You are my Best Friend Forever."

29 Roses: “You are special to me”.

30 Roses: Show your significant other that you are devoted to them.

31 Roses: Use 31 Roses to Propose. They are gifted for asking “Will you be mine?”.

32 Roses: Express "I will love you till my dying breath".

33 Roses: The ideal way to show your love and affection.

34 Roses: When you want to express, "I have a crush on you," send them 34 roses.

35 Roses: If you want to say, “I am extremely sorry!”

36 Roses: The meaning of 36 roses is "I'm madly in love" or "I will always cherish our passionate times."

37 Roses: Given to say, “I love you from the bottom of my heart!”

38 Roses: "You are the most gorgeous person I know."

39 Roses: “You are my entire world.”

40 Roses: This is the number you pick if you truly love someone special.

41 Roses: To convey the message "We look good together".

42 Roses: To ask, “Will you marry me?”

43 Roses: To promise that "I will always stand with you."

44 Roses: When you wish to promise, “Till death do us part!”

45 Roses: They stand for enduring love.

46 Roses: "You are my soulmate."

47 Roses: This number represents the phrase "You are my one and only."

48 Roses: Representative of unchanging love.

49 Roses: Remind that "My love for you will never change or go away" with the meaning of 49 roses.

50 Roses: The meaning of 50 roses is to express "I love you without conditions" and signify a love that has ripened well, and has never been regretted.

51 Roses: “You’re the only one on my mind.”

56 Roses: A representation of pure love.

66 Roses: “Nothing is going to change my love for you”.          

70 Roses: They are perfect for a platinum anniversary (70th Wedding Anniversary) celebration.

77 Roses: “You are my soul partner.”

88 Roses: Express your sincere regret for a mistake you made.

99 Roses: “I will love you till the day I die!”

100 Roses: “I'm totally devoted to you”. A symbol of dedication and a spiritual bond with someone. 

Some other meaningful numbers of roses:

101 Roses: “You are my one and only”.

108 Roses: “Will you marry me?”

365 Roses: You have my undying love. Talk about a love that has endured and been true all year around.

999 Roses: “My love will last till the end of time.”

1001 Roses: Describe a devoted affection that will endure forever.


Hope you have got the ideal number of roses you want to send to your loved one this year, especially when Valentine’s Day is coming. Despite the common meanings, you can always give your special expression of love via gifting roses to the one in your heart. Amazing Graze Flowers offers a variety of rose bouquets with same-day delivery across Melbourne, Sydney, Geelong and Mornington Peninsula. More importantly, you can contact us to customise your desired rose bouquet if you cannot find it available already. We will simply make it amazing!

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