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Feel Good with Flowers

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Feel Good with Flowers - Amazing Graze Flowers


“Stop and smell the roses...”


You might think that saying is a little overused or even a bit of a cliché. But perhaps the reason we hear it so often is because it’s genuine healthy advice.


Through many scientific studies, it’s been proven that flowers can make you feel better. They’ve been recognised for their ability to actually reduce stress levels and contribute to a noticeable lift in mood. Whether it’s the smell, the colours, or the grace and beauty in a simple bouquet, they’re known to bring a smile to the face and quiet joy to the heart.


Let’s take a closer look at the science behind flower power.


The Concept Of Biophilia

Long before the words coronavirus or quarantine were part of our daily vocabulary, people have been studying the concept of biophilia. This little word stands for something much more significant than you might think. It refers to the idea that humans have an instinctive predisposition to seek connections with nature and other forms of life. For as long as we’ve been on this planet, humans have sought out a relationship with the flora and fauna growing on it. That means that we’re drawn to fresh flowers and plants for a reason - they make us feel more connected and at ease.


Connecting With Nature

Since we know that our brains need a connection with nature, it’s easier to understand why prolonged periods of time indoors can make us feel a bit blue. As the sun starts to shine a little brighter this spring, we recommend getting outdoors and immersing yourself in nature. As the end of the year gets closer, the blossoming of the jacarandas is coming closer as well. Not only will these striking purple flowers make you feel joyful, but the strong fragrance wafting through the trees is known to bring energy and feelings of exhilaration to those who smell it. Other easy to find mood-elevating florals include jasmine and lavender.


Flowers With Purpose

Bring a little bit of happiness back into the home by introducing more plants, florals and natural fragrances. Not only will they make you feel happy when you see them, but they will act as a constant reminder to get outside and enjoy the spring sights and smells. There’s nothing more fun than a bunch of colourful roses like in our Fairy Floss Bouquet and they’ll wake up your space with soft sweet scents. Or, maybe opt for a flowering orchid that will brighten up your home for months to come.


Nip your gloomy mood in the bud. Keeping your home full of fresh and beautifully smelling flowers is a known way to reduce stress and increase joy and gratitude and this year that’s something we could all use a little more of. At Amazing Graze Flowers, we offer same-day delivery across Melbourne for a full range of floral varieties.


For a quick mood-boosting pick me up, speak to our team of experienced florists today at 03 9374 2929.

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