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A Study Of Sunflowers

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A Study Of Sunflowers - Amazing Graze Flowers


A much-loved sun-seeking perennial, sunflowers make a beautiful springtime statement featured on your counter or table. These cheery blooms will liven up your home as we wait for spring to finally make its long-awaited appearance.


A Little About Sunflowers

Sunflowers have numerous meanings and symbols. Some of these even date back to Greek mythology with the story of Clytie and Apollo, the god of the sun.


These tall plants can grow to a height of three metres, towering above most other flowers. They seek out the sun by turning their heads to gain the best direct rays. Once they’re mature, they face east which is the direction from which the sun rises.


Sunflowers aren’t just cultivated for floral arrangements. In the USA, Canada and Mexico they’re grown to harvest sunflower seeds which are a popular snack across the continent. The shelled seeds make tasty additions to baked goods and can be sprinkled over salads or into dishes.


A sunflower’s florets are dictated by the Fibonacci sequence and spiral outward from the centre in a hypnotising design. The Fibonacci sequence is a pattern of numbers seen often in nature such as within the arrangement of a pinecone or the growth of a tree branch. If you look into the centre of a sunflower, you’ll be mesmerised by the stunning arrangement nature has created.


What To Pair With Sunflowers

Just as you’ll find them in nature, we think that sunflowers thrive on their own. These striking shades of yellow and thick green stems will pop when placed in a tall statement vase. We prefer bunches of 5 or 8. If they are paired, we love to see them with another classic flower, the rose. A bouquet of sunflowers and roses is an unbeatable combination, with the deep reds and bright yellows popping off each other to catch the eye. For a more rustic look, adding some fresh green foliage will change up the vibe from simple to striking.


How To Care For Sunflowers

Sunflowers will need a tall vase to display their full height and support their stalks. Their thick stems can easily get dried out so make sure to re-trim the stems after a few days and refresh their water. Remove any fallen leaves from the vase to keep it looking and smelling clean. Hydration will also ensure that the flowers are able to keep their heavy heads held high as long as possible. To prolong their life, place them in an area out of direct sunlight.


Buying A Bouquet

There’s nothing like a vibrant bouquet of sunflowers when the warm weather starts creeping in. Keep yourself in a spring state of mind and treat yourself to a bunch of these beauties. Order a stunning bouquet of sunflowers today for same-day delivery across Melbourne or speak to our team at Amazing Graze Flowers team at 03 9374 2929.

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