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A definitive list of the 10 best indoor plants

Posted by Amazing Graze Flowers on

A definitive list of the 10 best indoor plants - Amazing Graze Flowers

I don’t know about you, but we love our indoor plants here at Amazing Graze Flowers. Indoor plants are the new pets (you’ve heard it here first!) Bringing some of the outdoors into your home is a great way to liven up your space. We’ve used our expertise in the world of flora to compile our favourite indoor plants that will go with any aesthetic. 

  1. Monstera deliciosa - This plant is all over Pinterest and Instagram, so if you don’t know this plant, you might need to ask yourself “where have I been?!” Their lush green leaves and the infamously dubbed ‘swiss cheese’ holes will complement any eclectic home. The Monstera prefers a warm climate away from direct sunlight. We suggest leaving them in a corner near a window that lets the sun in and waiting for the top 4cm of soil to dry before giving it it's next watering.

  2. Epipremnum aureum (Devil’s Ivy) - This fast-growing vine makes for a great hanging plant. They are low maintenance and suited for any position in your home. They are drought tolerant and only require watering once per week. In the cooler months, they will need to be cut back every so often. We suggest popping them in a pot and situating it on top of a high shelf, allowing plenty of space for their leaves to climb down!

  3. Cactus - In our opinion, these little guys have the most personality. The cactus is a very low-maintenance indoor plant that adds an instant burst of character to any space. Situate them next to a brightly lit window, or for smaller guys, on top of a windowsill. Mist them with water every few days and they’ll keep quite happy.

  4. Anthurium Andraeanum - This plant is a perfect gift for new homeowners. Along with its leathery green leaves, they also produce red, white and pink flowers that surround a cylindrical spike, giving it a surprising pop of colour. It grows best next to filtered light, and requires a thorough watering when the soil is dry to touch.

  5. Rubber Fig - The Rubber Fig, despite its name, is very much a real, living house plant! It is a functional plant that can thrive indoors in a small pot, or grow into a large tree if their pot space allows for it. It likes bright, indirect sunlight, and thrives off weekly waterings in the warmer seasons. During the cooler months, less frequent watering is preferred.

  6. Zanzibar Gem - Hailed as ‘almost indestructible’ this is perfect for those who tend to neglect their plants. To look after this plant, don’t over water it, and place it in a well-lit area.

  7. Sansevieria or “Mother-in-law’s Tongue” - This low-maintenance, hardy succulent plant is dubbed the ‘Mother-in-law’s tongue’ due to its pointed tips on its leaves (symbolic of the sharp tongue of the Mother-in-law - I’m sure we can all relate to this!) For this plant to thrive, place it in a brightly lit room with some direct sun for several hours a day.

  8. Dracaena Massangeana or Mass Cane - This hardy plant is an office staple, and is popular amongst beginner gardeners. It can grow up to 1.8m tall, making it a great option if you are looking for a large indoor plant. You’ll only need to water this plant once a week for it to thrive!

  9. Spathiphyllum or Peace lily - Since NASA told the world this plant was a top air purifying option, it’s been a popular choice. Its stunning white flowers add an extra texture amidst the dark green leaves. It’s a tropical plant, so it thrives in bright, indirect light.

  10. Ceropegia woodii - This heart-shaped succulent vine is another gorgeous hanging plant that will sit pretty on a high windowsill or bookshelf. It will require watering when the soil is dry to touch, and likes a bright position that gets a lot of sun. 

Whichever plant you like from this list, plant friends are always a quick and easy way to cheer up your indoor space and bring lively energy into your home. There are plenty more varieties out there, so get planting! Take advantage of our same-day plant delivery across Melbourne, Geelong and Mornington Peninsula to get the plant today! 

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