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5 Popular Native Flowers You Need In Your New Home

Posted by Amazing Graze Flowers on

5 Popular Native Flowers You Need In Your New Home - Amazing Graze Flowers

In our Essendon Flower Store, we have a dedicated corner for our Native Flowers. We showcase their wonderful boldness, wildness and fullness. When we talk to our clients who love and enjoy our Native bunches they almost always say the same thing, they are beautiful and long lasting.

It’s no secret, Native flowers are hardy. The Australian Weather requires wild flowers to withstand extreme weather conditions and these Natives seem stand strong against it. Native flower arrangements a growing trend and although Native Flowers have a ‘toughness’ about them, they also hold elegant features and wonderful bold colours. They have a wildness that longs not to be tamed but admired as we ourselves seek the adventures that shape our lives and keep us strong.

Also, I have one more thing to say before we move on, Some of the Native Flowers mentioned are not Native to ‘Australia’. There is a huge misconception that when discussing Native Flowers, we are discussing all natives to Australia, please note we will be discussing South African Natives as well as Australian natives.

Now it’s winter season and our native flowers have changed, below are the top 5 Native Flowers you will find in our Essendon Flower store or you will receive from our melbourne delivery drivers

Banksia Integrifolia (Australian Native)

1. Banksia Integrifolia (Australian Native).

Not only does this Banksia show off its beautiful bright colour, the leaves have a lovely silver and green texture in the arrangement.

Banksia Menziesii (Australian Native)

2. Banksia Menziesii (Australian Native)

Banksia Menziesii (Australian Native) The wonderful dark mauve colour of this Banksia draws in a romantic scene with a spark of texture. One of my favourite flowers to play around with.

Protea Nerifolia 'Red Robe' (South Africa)

3. Protea Nerifolia 'Red Robe' (South Africa)

This Native flower feels like it should be part of a costume with its Pretty pink and black feathered tips. You may also see this in green with black feathered tips (Protea Nerifolia 'Green ice’).

Protea - Pink Ice (South Africa)

4. Protea - Pink Ice (South Africa)

This Protea is dominantly picked as one of our regular native flowers available at our Essendon Flower Shop. Similar to the Red Robe, the Pink ice Protea is a slightly smaller with the same texture but lined with a white halo edge of its feathers.

Protea - White Repens (South Africa)

5. Protea - White Repens (South Africa)

This White Repens Protea is also a commonly picked ingredient found amongst our native arrangements here at our Essendon Flower shop. It’s full of sugar so the texture may be a little shiny and it has a sharper edge finish unlike the others but this one is a statement piece. Like the Banksia Menziesii, the Protea White Repens is one of our favourites! You may also see this, in a red every now and then (Red Repens).

If one of the natives mentioned above has your attention, it is worth asking us if it’s possible to incorporate them in your flower order. We try our best to accommodate your request and Native Flowers can really be mixed with any flower, we incorporate them from time to time in our daily arrangements (seen in our instagram) and to be honest, they are the longer lasting flower in the whole bunch.

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