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5 In-Season Spring Flowers To Brighten Your Home

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5 In-Season Spring Flowers To Brighten Your Home - Amazing Graze Flowers

Spring has sprung at Amazing Graze Flowers! The warmer seasons are well and truly on the horizon, and bringing some of that fresh spring colour inside your home is easy when you choose the right flowers. Here are our top 5 flower picks to brighten your home this spring and banish the winter blues.

Tulips thrive in the spring season, thus it’s a perfect time to grow your own tulip bulbs. But if you’re after an instant pop of colour to add to a vase, our tulip bunches come in a variety of delightful colours. These bright bulbs pop up after winter as the spring sun comes out to play, indicating that the cooler months are finally behind us. Choose warm yellow, bright orange and red, or creams and deep purples from our tulip range.

The flowers of Leo season, sunflowers are sure to bring warmth and smiles to any interior space. With “sun” right there in the name, these flowers symbolise the warm seasons ahead, and the light we all have within us. Despite their actual blooming season being summer, this flower still pays homage to the warm atmosphere and energy that spring brings us. Adding sunflowers to your home is the perfect way to welcome in the spring sun and kiss any winter blues goodbye.

  • Hyacinth

Another in-season flower delight is the colourful cluster of flowers known as the Hyacinth. Blooming in early-to-mid spring, the rich colours of yellow, pink, purple, cream and dusty blue make this flower a perfect choice to add to the style of any interior space. The bottle-brush look of these flowers has a very native energy, so if you’re wild at heart, these flowers will compliment you and your home very nicely.

  • Daffodils

Some might say that Daffodils are the cheerist of spring bulbs. As a symbol of rebirth, daffodils have a light, airy feel that signifies the spring energy of new life and beginnings. Daffodils are a flower of the sun, growing happily in full sun or part shade. Daffodils come in classic yellow, white, pink, red and orange. Mix these colours together in your vase and you’ll have your very own spring sunset.

  • Lily of the Valley

Looking like little white pearl droplets, the Lily of the Valley is a spring season favourite. These bell-shaped flowers give off a sweet scent, filling the four walls of your home with a taste of that luscious spring air. As much as they are beautiful, they are also an adaptive, easy to manage plant, and can be easily grown in your garden bed in damp soil.


Whilst these are our top picks, there are plenty more spring blooms out there to brighten your home and garden and celebrate the spring season of warmth and new beginnings. Order today with Amazing Graze Flowers to fill your vase or a friends.

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